Re: [SAT-TOPIC]: Interferrance on FFH

> hi Per,
> you wrote:
> > Questions: I'm having great interferrance 
> what do you mean by "interferrance"? If the bit error rate is to high 
> (for what reason soever) you whould recognize some dropouts !?!
> > on Hitradio FFH tonight.  Is it due to high sun activity
> propably not, this would usually only be a problem around March 22nd
> and
> Sept  22nd (+/- a few days) about (astronomical) high noon.
> > or sleeping SES engineers? 
> mh, maybe ?!?
> > All other ADR channels are OK? I'm using a Technisat AX1 receiver.
> did you find out the reason in the meantime? 
> I'm in trouble to decode the swiss radio stations behind TELEclub
> (swiss light etc). the TELEclub ADRs are the only ones with such
> trouble.
> Maybe the same reason like on your reception?
> greetinx
> Detlef Schmidt
	[Per Olav Breivik]  


	No, I did not find out what the problem was. The long dropouts
were gone when I 
	tuned into FFH the next day... I thought,
	Sadly, FFH nearly always has errors I would describe as bit
errors in audio. I think 
	there must be an error in the signal path from the FFH studios
to SES uplink. The errors
	come and go, but only on FFH. Last Saturday I also could listen
to long dropouts on
	FFH (during the MEGAMIX). The bit errors are on both the digital
and the analogue
	outputs of the Technisat receiver. I have not heard these errors
on other adr-stations. I will 
	listen closely to the Swiss stations and see if the problem is
there too.
	Even though I have not heard bit errors on the other
adr-stations, I think there is a great
	difference in audio quality. ENERGY and FFH have problems in
playing songs with
	high frequencies (tremble). The sound is distorted. Power Radio
does not have problems 
	in playing the same songs. The reason could be the radio
stations' various audio prosessing 
	equipment (audio dynamic compressors).

	Per Olav
	URL: http://members.tripod.com/~breivik/index.html

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