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Subject: Re: [SAT-TOPIC]: Xtra Music and DVB

>Well I wouldn't mind the cost if only DMX (= XM)really came back to
>Europe! Changing to DVB is not that problem, as I only paid 799 DM
>instead of 800+ DM for my ADR receiver <g>.

I paid 550 DM for my Radix ADR1

>Seriously, I bought a d-Box and subscribed to DF1 last October only to
>get _some_ kind of pay audio back!

MCE is FTA on Intelsat 605 :)

>In my opinion MCE is a far cry from
>DMX which fitted my taste better. I miss the American orientation of
>DMX, MCE is kind of so so for me. If it has to be I would by a another
>receiver for XM.

I hope d-box will be sufficient (I don't know anything about encryption
system yet).

>But I don't see XM really on the wall. Do you have some hard facts
>about the relaunch?

The hardest I could find:


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