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Eutelsat II-F2/F3/F4M

********** INTERNAL
Many of you will remember not long ago when the decision was taken to
split the Astra listings on Tuesday into two parts due to the sheer
volume of listings. With the recent addition of HotBird 4 to the
Eutelsat fleet, I have decided ti split Eutelsat listings into two also.
The advantage is that is doesn't take so long to download one massive
mail and so clog up the ISP's drives. Besides, some companies like AOL
and CompuServe limit the size of mails, so this allows their users to
receive the mails too. From now on, Eutelsat mails will be split up into
II-F2/3/4M satellites and HotBird/II-F1 satellites. In addition, upon
Astra 1D's impending arrival at 28.2 east, it will be transferred to
Mondays with Türksat 1C and the Kopernikus birds.  Dom.

All contents copyright 1998 Dominic Sedghi
16,0 east: Eutelsat II-F3

freq.       channels                      audio             standard    encryption     lang
=====       ========                      =====             ========    ==========     ====
EUROPEAN BEAM - 80cm-1m dish South UK (except Nile TV: 180cm)
10,972 V    RTM 1                         6,60              PAL         clear          Arabic
10,986 H    HRT Satellite                 6,65              PAL         clear          Croatian
            . Hrvatski Radio 1            7,02              Panda       clear          Croatian
11,015 H    TV10/Fox Kids Nederland       SR5632 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A0280|A0640       V0200|V0512 [clear]        Dutch
11,041 V    Eylik Television              SR3556 FEC7/8     MPEG-2      fta
            Eylik TV                      A0022L|A0034L     V0021|V0033 [clear]        Turkish
            . Eylik FM                    A0022R|A0034R                 [clear]        Turkish
11,043 H    TMF - The Music Factory       SR5632 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A0280|A0460       V0200|V0512 [clear]        Dutch
11,051 H    TVN [feeds]                   SR5632 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A1063|A4195       V1062|V4194
11,060 H    TVN South                     SR5296 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A1063|A4195       V1062|V4194 [clear]        Polish
11,080 H    JSC                           6,60/7,50         PAL         clear          Arabic
11,095 V    Algerian TV                   6,60              PAL         clear          Arabic
            . Chaîne 1                    7,02              Panda       clear          French
            . Chaîne 2                    7,20              Panda       clear          French
            . Chaîne 3                    7,38              Panda       clear          French
            . Radio Culture               7,56              Panda       clear          French
            . Chaîne 1                    7,74              Panda       clear          Arabic
11,131 H    OBN Sarajevo                  SR3125 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      clear
                                          A0100|A0256       V0134|V0308 [clear]        Bosnian
11,146 V    Nile TV International         6,60              PAL         clear          Egyptian
11,154 H    Italian football feeds        SR5632 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A????|A????       V????|V???? [clear]
11,163 H    BT Business TV                6,60              PAL/B-MAC   clear          English
            PARR                          6,60              PAL         clear          Polish
            Qa'im Channel                 6,60              PAL         clear
11,178 V    Egyptian Space Channel        6,60              PAL         clear          Egyptian
            . Sout El-Arab                7,02              Panda       clear          Arabic
            . Qahira El-Kobra             7,20              Panda       clear          Arabic
            . Al-Shark El-Awsat           7,38              Panda       clear          Arabic
            . Al-Bernameg El-Thany        7,56              Panda       clear          Arabic
11,535 H    IDC Radionet SR250                              SCPC        APT-X
            . Digimusic/Q-Radio           11,5351                       [enc]          Dutch
            . Contel (Bosnia)             11,5362                       [enc]          Dutch
            . Radio Neues Europa          11,5365                       [enc]          Dutch
            . Radio Radio                 11,5367                       [enc]          Dutch
            . Talk Radio                  11,5387                       [enc]          Dutch
            . JFK JazzRadio FM            11,5394                       [enc]          Dutch
11,556 H    ART Europe                    6,60              PAL         clear          Arabic
11,575 V    Sat 7                         6,60              PAL         clear          Arabic
            Sima-yeh Moghavemat           6,60              PAL         clear          Farsi
            Miracle                       6,60              PAL         clear          Arabic
            Miracle                       7,20              PAL         clear          English
            TV Shqiptar                   6,50              PAL         clear          Albanian
            TV Romania International      6,60/7,20         PAL         clear          Romanian
            Eros TV                       stereo            D2-MAC      eurocrypt s2   French
            . Radio Tirana                7,20              Panda       clear          Albanian
11,596 H    Duna TV                       6,50              PAL         clear          Hungarian
            . Kossuth Radio AM            7,02              Panda       clear          Hungarian
            . Petofi Radio                7,38              Panda       clear          Hungarian
            . Kossuth Radio FM            7,74              Panda       clear          Hungarian
11,617 V    Jamahirya Satellite Channel   6,60              PAL         clear          Arabic
11,658 V    TV7 Tunisie                   6,50              PAL         clear          Arabic
            . Radio Tunis International   7,02              Panda       clear          Arabic
            . Radio Tunis                 7,20              Panda       clear          Arabic
11,678 H    Hakk TV                       6,60/7,02         PAL         clear

12,521 H    SIS                           SR24760 FEC3/4    MPEG-1,5    clear
12,528 V    Enex [feeds]                  SR5632 FEC3/4     MPEG-2
                                          A0022|A0034       V0021|V0033
12,531 H    [occasional feeds]            SR5780 FEC3/4     MPEG-2
                                          A0100|A0256       V0134|V0308
12,538 V    SIC (Portugal)                SR5233 FEC1/2     MPEG-2
                                          A02DA|A0730       V02D0|V0720                Portugue.
12,546 V    Sky News [feeds]              SR5632 FEC3/4     MPEG-2
                                          A0100|A0256       V0134|V0308
12,556 V    Enex [feeds]                  SR5632 FEC3/4     MPEG-2
                                          A0022|A0034       V0021|V0033
12,557 H    WTN [feeds]                   SR5632 FEC3/4     MPEG-2
                                          A0100|A0256       V0134|V0308
12,572 H    SNAI Diretta TV               SR11264 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      fta
            SNAI Diretta TV 1             A0460|A1120       V0488|V1160                Italian
            SNAI Diretta TV 2             A04C4|A1220       V04EC|V1260                Italian
            Magic TV                      A05BC|A1468       V05B4|V1460                Italian
            Utis Sat                        "  |  "           "  |  "                  Italian
12,584 H    [occasional feeds]            SR5632 FEC3/4     MPEG-2
                                          A0100|A0256       V0134|V0308
12,600 V    [unknown]                                       MPEG-2

. = radio station

 1998 Dominic Sedghi
10,0 east: Eutelsat II-F2

freq.       channels                      audio             standard    encryption     lang
=====       ========                      =====             ========    ==========     ====
EUROPEAN BEAM - 80cm-1m dish South UK
10,972 V    Med-TV                        6,60              PAL         clear          Kurdish
10,987 H    NTV (Turkey)                  6,65              PAL         clear          Turkish
11,015 H    Olay TV                       SR3055 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      fta
            Olay TV                       A0022|A0034       V0021|V0033 [clear]        Turkish
11,024 V    Antena 1 (Romania)            SR5632 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      powervu
            Antena 1 TV                   A04BB|A1211       V0456|V1110 [clear]        Romanian
            . Radio Romania               A04BD|A1213                   [clear]        Romanian
11,025 H    Pop TV                        SR3055 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      fta
            Pop TV                        A0022|A0034       V0021|V0033 [clear]        Turkish
11,043 H    Europe by Satellite           SR7998 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A0022|A0034       V0021|V0033 [clear]
11,075 H    Hakk TV                       6,60              PAL         clear
11,080 H    Europe by Satellite           6,60/7,02         PAL/D2MAC   clear/enc
            Europe by Satellite           7,20              PAL/D2MAC   clear/enc      English
            Europe by Satellite           7,38              PAL/D2MAC   clear/enc      French
            Europe by Satellite           7,56              PAL/D2MAC   clear/enc      German
11,095 V    TGRT                          6,65              PAL         clear          Turkish
            . TGRT FM                     7,20:7,38         Panda       clear          Turkish
11,141 V    [occasional feeds]                              PAL
11,154 H    NAK - Neue Apost. Kirch       SR7911 FEC1/2     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A03E9|A1001       V03E8|V1000 [clear]        German
11,163 H    HBN - Herbalife               6,60              PAL         clear          English
            HBN - Herbalife               7,02              PAL         clear          German
            HBN - Herbalife               7,20              PAL         clear          French
            HBN - Herbalife               7,38              PAL         clear          Italian
            HBN - Herbalife               7,56              PAL         clear          Spanish
            HBN - Herbalife               7,74              PAL         clear          Russian
            HBN - Herbalife               7,92              PAL         clear          Czech
            HBN - Herbalife               8,10              PAL         clear          Polish
            Euro TransMed                 6,50              PAL         clear          English
            Juvekomerc                                      PAL         clear          Yugoslav.
            Voice of America Yugoslavia   6,60              PAL         clear          Yugoslav.
            SCT - Satisfaction Channel TV 6,60              PAL         ping-pong      Italian
            [occasional feeds]                              PAL
11,172 V    AFN - Armed Forces Network    SR17180 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      powervu
            NewsSports/Brigh              A0460|A1120       V0488|V1160 [enc]          English
            AFN Europe/AFN Ba             A058C|A1420       V04B4|V1204 [enc]          English
            AFN Pacific/Gulf              A04C4|A1220       V04EC|V1260 [enc]          English
            Spectrum Urban                A0528|A1320       V0550|V1360 [enc]          English
            AFN Europe/AFN                A058C|A1420       V05B4|V1460 [enc]          English
            . Brigh                       A0462|A1122                   [enc]          English
            . ABC Pure Gold               A046A|A1230                   [enc]          English
            . Westwood 1 - Adult Rock/Roll A04CB|A1227                  [enc]          English
            . Westwood 1 - Country        A04CE|A1230                   [enc]          English
            . Urbs                        A052A|A1322                   [enc]          English
            . The Contingency Channel     A0532|A1330                   [enc]          English
            . NPR                         A0534|A1332                   [enc]          English
            . AFN Power Network           A058E|A1422                   [enc]          English
            . AFN Z-FM                    A0596|A1430                   [enc]          English
11,575 V    Bloomberg Info TV             SR17180 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      viaccess
            Bloomberg Info TV France      A0460|A1120       V0488|V1160 [clear]        French
            Bloomberg Info TV Italia      A04C4|A1220       V04EC|V1260 [clear]        Italian
            Bloomberg Info TV Espana      A0528|A1320       V0550|V1360 [clear]        Spanish
            [colour bars]                 A058C|A1420       V05B4|V1460 [clear]
            [test card]                   A05F0|A1520       V0618|V1560 [clear]
11,614 V    InterStar                     6,65              PAL         clear          Turkish
            . Metro FM                    7,02:7,20         Panda       clear          Turkish
            . Kral FM                     7,38:7,56         Panda       clear          Turkish
            . Super FM                    8,10:8,28         Panda       clear          Turkish
11,631 V    Kral TV                       SR5632 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A0280|A0640       V0200|V0512 [clear]        Turkish
11,658 V    RTS Sat                       6,60/7,56         PAL         clear          Yugoslav.
            Pink TV                       6,60/7,56         PAL         clear          Yugoslav.
            [occasional feeds]                              PAL
11,678 H    O-Sat                         SR5632 FEC2/3     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A04BB|A1211       V0456|V1110 [clear]        German

12,715 H    [occasional feeds]                              PAL         clear

. = radio station

 1998 Dominic Sedghi
7,0 east: Eutelsat II-F4M

freq.       channels                      audio             standard    encryption     lang
=====       ========                      =====             ========    ==========     ====
EUROPEAN BEAM - 80cm-1m dish South UK
10,972 V    EBU Channel A                 SiS               PAL         SiS
10,987 H    EBU Channel C                 SiS               PAL         SiS
11,008 H    EBU Channel B                 SiS               PAL         SiS
11,009 V    EBU Channel K                                   MPEG-2      [cam]
                                          A0022|A0034       V0021|V0022 [enc]
11,018 V    EBU Channel L                                   MPEG-2      [cam]
                                          A0022|A0034       V0021|V0022 [enc]
11,021 H    . EBU Euroradio Channel V                       SCPC        clear
11,027 H    . EBU Euroradio Channel Q                       SCPC        clear
            . EBU Euroradio Channel R                       SCPC        clear
11,040 H    . EBU Euroradio Channel S                       SCPC        clear
            . EBU Euroradio Channel T                       SCPC        clear
11,041 V    EBU Channel P                                   MPEG-2      [cam]
                                          A0022|A0034       V0021|V0033 [enc]
11,048 V    EBU Channel M                                   MPEG-2      [cam]
                                          A0022|A0034       V0021|V0033 [enc]
11,058 H    EBU Channel E                 SiS               PAL         SiS
11,058 V    EBU Channel N                                   MPEG-2      [cam]
                                          A0022|A0034       V0021|V0033 [enc]
11,080 V    EBU Channel G                 SiS               PAL         SiS
            Rai Pico                                        PAL         clear           Italian
11,134 V    EBU Channel W                 SiS               PAL         SiS
11,141 H    RIK - Cyprus Sat              6,60              PAL         clear           Greek
            . RIK 1                       7,20              Panda       clear           Greek
            . RIK 3                       7,80              Panda       clear           Greek
11,163 V    EBU Channel Z                 SiS               PAL         SiS
11,181 H    EBU Channel Y                 SiS               PAL         SiS
12,252 H    . Program 1 PR (Jedynka)                        SCPC        clear           Polish
            . Program 5 PR (Piatka)                         SCPC        clear           Polish
            . Program 3 PR (Trojka)                         SCPC        clear           Polish
            . Polskie Radio Bis                             SCPC        clear           Polish
12,569 H    . VoA Express                                   SCPC        clear           English
            . Radio Österreich                              SCPC        clear           German

12,634 V    . RFI France                                    SCPC        clear           French
            . RFI Europe                                    SCPC        clear           French
            . RFI Afrique                                   SCPC        clear           French
            . Contact Radio                                 SCPC        clear           French
12,660 V    . BBC World Service                             MPEG-2      [cam]           English
12,724 V    Reuters Financial TV          SR1365 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      fta
                                          A0280|A0640       V0200|V0512 [clear]         English

. = radio station

 1998 Dominic Sedghi

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