ASTRA 1D/1F/1G satellites for 10.03.98 by Sat-UK-Tab

Sat-UK-Tab Frequency Listings
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Astra 1D/1F/1G

As from next week, Astra 1D will be delivered on Mondays alongside
Türksat 1C and DFS Kopernikus 2 & 3.

All contents copyright 1998 Dominic Sedghi
26.5 east: Astra 1D

freq.       channels                      audio             standard    encryption     lang
=====       ========                      =====             ========    ==========     ====
EUROPEAN BEAM - 60cm dish South UK
11,720 H
11,740 V
11,758 H
11,778 V
11,798 H
11,817 V
11,837 H
11,856 V
11,876 H
11,895 V
11,914 H
11,934 V
11,954 H
11,973 V
11,992 H
12,012 V
12,032 H
12,051 V

. = radio station

 1998 Dominic Sedghi
19.2 east: Astra 1F

freq.       channels                      audio             standard    encryption     lang
=====       ========                      =====             ========    ==========     ====
EUROPEAN BEAM - 60cm dish South UK
12,070 H    DF1                           SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      irdeto
            DSF Golf                      A0100|A0256       V00FF|V0255 [enc]          German
            Cinedom 3 ''                  A0200|A0512       V01FF|V0511 [enc]          German
            Cinedom 1 ''                  A0300|A0768       V02FF|V0767 [enc]          German
            Cinedom 2 ''                  A0400|A1024       V03FF|V1023 [enc]          German
            Cinedom 4 ''                  A0500|A1280       V04FF|V1279 [enc]          German
            DF1 Infokanal                 A0600|A1536       V05FF|V1535 [clear]        German
            . Soul Classics               A0130|A0304                   [enc]          German
            . Chansons                    A0160|A0352                   [enc]          German
            . Italia                      A0190|A0400                   [enc]          German
            . Jazz                        A0230|A0560                   [enc]          German
            . New Soul & Rap              A0260|A0608                   [enc]          German
            . Harmony                     A0290|A0656                   [enc]          German
            . Filmmusik                   A0330|A0816                   [enc]          German
            . Musicals                    A0360|A0864                   [enc]          German
            . Reggae                      A0390|A0912                   [enc]          German
            . Gold                        A0430|A1072                   [enc]          German
            . Old Gold                    A0460|A1120                   [enc]          German
            . Heavy Rock                  A0490|A1168                   [enc]          German
12,090 V    DF1                           SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      irdeto
            Seasons                       A0100|A0256       V00FF|V0255 [enc]          German
            Planet                        A0200|A0512       V01FF|V0511 [enc]          German
            Cine Classics 1               A0300|A0768       V02FF|V0767 [enc]          German
            MTV Deutschland               A0400|A1024       V03FF|V1023 [enc]          German
            Cine Classics 2               A0500|A1280       V04FF|V1279 [enc]          German
            Sky News                      A0600|A1536       V05FF|V1535 [enc]          English
            CMT Europe                    A0700|A1792       V06FF|V1791 [enc]          English
            . Country                     A0130|A0304                   [enc]          German
            . New Country                 A0160|A0352                   [enc]          German
            . Latin                       A0190|A0400                   [enc]          German
            . Symphonic                   A0230|A0560                   [enc]          German
            . Klassik                     A0260|A0608                   [enc]          German
            . Opera                       A0290|A0656                   [enc]          German
12,110 H    
12,129 V    Canal Satellite Numérique     SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      mediaguard/viaccess
            Kiosque                       A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [enc]          French
            Kiosque 9                     A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [enc]          French
            Kiosque 6                     A0058|A0088       V00A2|V0162 [enc]          French
            Kiosque 7                     A005C|A0092       V00A3|V0163 [enc]          French
            Kiosque 8                     A0060|A0096       V00A4|V0164 [enc]          French
            France Courses                A0068|A0100       V00A6|V0165 [enc]          French
            . Hector                      A00EC|A0236                   [clear]        French
            . France Musique              A00ED|A0237                   [clear]        French
            . Elisa                       A00EE|A0238                   [clear]        French
            . FIP                         A00EF|A0239                   [clear]        French
            . France Info                 A00F0|A0240                   [clear]        French
            . France Inter                A00F1|A0241                   [clear]        French
            . France Culture              A00F2|A0242                   [clear]        French
            . Radio Bleue                 A00F3|A0243                   [clear]        French
            . RFI                         A00F4|A0244                   [clear]        French
            . Radio Classique             A00F5|A0245                   [clear]        French
            . RTL Radio                   A00F6|A0246                   [clear]        French
            . Europe 1                    A00F7|A0247                   [clear]        French
            . Radio Monte Carlo           A00F8|A0248                   [clear]        French
            . Rire et Chansons            A00F9|A0249                   [clear]        French
            . Sud Radio                   A00FA|A0250                   [clear]        French
            . Monmartre FM                A00FB|A0251                   [clear]        French
            . Sport O'FM                  A00FC|A0252                   [clear]        French
12,148 H    DF1                           SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      irdeto
            Cinedom 5 '                   A0100|A0256       V00FF|V0255 [enc]          German
            Cinedom 5 ''                  A0200|A0512       V01FF|V0511 [enc]          German
            Cinedom 6 '                   A0300|A0768       V02FF|V0767 [enc]          German
            Cinedom 6 ''                  A0400|A1024       V03FF|V1023 [enc]          German
            Cinedom 7 '                   A0500|A1280       V04FF|V1279 [enc]          German
            Cinedom 7 ''                  A0600|A1536       V05FF|V1535 [enc]          German
12,168 V    German Package                SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      fta
            Sat.1                         A0068|A0100       V00A3|V0163 [clear]        German
            Kabel 1                       A0080|A0128       V00A6|V0166 [clear]        German
            DSF                           A0088|A0136       V00A7|V0167 [clear]        German
            Astra Vision                  A0090|A0144       V00A8|V0168 [clear]        German
            Astra Vision                  A0091|A0145         "  |  "   [clear]        French
            Astra Vision                  A0092|A0146         "  |  "   [clear]        English
            Astra Vision                  A0093|A0147         "  |  "   [clear]        Spanish
            ARD                           A0132|A0305       V0131|V0304 [clear]        German
12,188 H    Radio Télévision Luxembourg   SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      cryptoworks
            RTL TV Schweiz                A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [enc]          German
            RTL TV Österreich             A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [enc]          German
            RTL Mantel                    A0058|A0088       V00A2|V0162 [enc]          German
            RTL                           A005C|A0092       V00A3|V0163 [clear]        German
            . RTL Die Größten Oldies      A0051|A0081                   [clear]        German
12,207 V    Canal Satellite Numérique     SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      mediaguard/viaccess
            La Cinquième                  A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [clear]        French
            Kiosque 1                     A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [enc]          French
            Kiosque 10                    A0058|A0088       V00A2|V0162 [enc]          French
            NTV (Russia)                  A005C|A0092       V00A3|V0163 [clear]        French

            Nostalgie la Télé             A0060|A0096       V00A4|V0164 [enc]          French
            DT 90 F1 B                      "  |  "           "  |  "   [enc]          French
            arte                          A0064|A0100       V00A5|V0165 [clear]        French
            Euronews                      A006C|A0108       V00A7|V0167 [clear]        French
            Euronews                      A006D|A0109         "  |  "   [clear]        English
            Euronews                      A006E|A0110         "  |  "   [clear]        Italian
            Euronews                      A006F|A0111         "  |  "   [clear]        Spanish
            . Radio NRJ                   A00EC|A0236                   [clear]        French
            . Europe 2                    A00ED|A0237                   [clear]        French
            . RTL 2                       A00EE|A0238                   [clear]        French
            . SkyRock                     A00EF|A0239                   [clear]        French
            . Fun Radio                   A00F0|A0240                   [clear]        French
            . Le Mouv'                    A00F1|A0241                   [clear]        French
            . Radio Nova                  A00F2|A0242                   [clear]        French
            . Radio FG                    A00F3|A0243                   [clear]        French
            . Vibration                   A00F4|A0244                   [clear]        French
            . Contact FM                  A00F5|A0245                   [clear]        French
            . Radio Nostalgie             A00F6|A0246                   [clear]        French
            . Latina 99                   A00F7|A0247                   [clear]        French
            . RFM                         A00F8|A0248                   [clear]        French
            . Chérie FM                   A00F9|A0249                   [clear]        French
            . Alouette FM                 A00FA|A0250                   [clear]        French
            . Voltage FM                  A00FB|A0251                   [clear]        French
            . Oui FM                      A00FC|A0252                   [clear]        French
            . Ado FM                      A00FC|A0253                   [clear]        French
            . Paris Jazz                  A00FD|A0254                   [clear]        French
12,226 H    German Package                SR27500           MPEG-2      fta
            Pro Sieben IBC                A0100|A0256       V00FF|V0255 [clear]        German
            D-box Channel                 A0200|A0512       V01FF|V0511 [clear]        German
            BetaBC                        A0300|A0768       V02FF|V0767 [clear]        German
            Sat.1                         A0400|A1024       V03FF|V1023 [clear]        German
            Pro Sieben                    A0500|A1280       V04FF|V1279 [clear]        German
            Kabel 1                       A0600|A1536       V05FF|V1535 [clear]        German
            DSF - Deutsches Sportfernsehen A0700|A1792      V06FF|V1791 [clear]        German
12,246 V    Canal Satélite Digital        SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      mediaguard
            Cine Tívoli                   A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [enc]          Spanish
            Taquilla 6                    A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [enc]          Spanish
            Taquilla 7                    A0058|A0088       V00A2|V0162 [enc]          Spanish
            Taquilla 8                    A005C|A0092       V00A3|V0163 [enc]          Spanish
            Estilo                        A0064|A0100       V00A5|V0165 [enc]          Spanish
            Viajar                        A0068|A0104       V00A6|V0166 [clear]        Spanish
            Album TV                      A006C|A0108       V00A7|V0167 [enc]          Spanish
12,266 H    ABSat                         SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      viaccess/mediaguard
            AB Sports                     A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [clear]        French
            AB Channel 1                  A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [enc]          French
            Animaux                       A0058|A0088       V00A2|V0162 [enc]          French
            Encyclopédia                  A005C|A0092       V00A3|V0163 [enc]          French
            Automobile                    A0060|A0096       V00A4|V0164 [enc]          French
            XXL                             "  |  "           "  |  "   [enc]          French
            Escales                       A0064|A0100       V00A5|V0165 [enc]          French
            Histoire                      A0068|A0104       V00A6|V0166 [enc]          French
            Viva la Vie                     "  |  "           "  |  "   [enc]          French
12,285 V    Canal Satélite Digital        SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      mediaguard
            Documanía                     A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [enc]          Spanish
            Minimax                       A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [enc]          Spanish
            NBC Europe                    A0058|A0088       V00A2|V0162 [enc]          English
            NBC Europe                    A0059|A0089         "  |  "   [enc]          Spanish
            Cine Classics                 A005C|A0092       V00A3|V0163 [enc]          Spanish
            Seasons                       A0060|A0096       V00A4|V0164 [enc]          Spanish
            Taquilla 0                    A0064|A0100       V00A5|V0165 [clear]        Spanish
            Taquilla 1                    A0068|A0104       V00A6|V0166 [enc]          Spanish
            Taquilla 2                    A006C|A0108       V00A7|V0167 [enc]          Spanish
12,304 H
12,324 V    Canal Satellite Numérique     SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      mediaguard/viaccess
            Médicine Plus                 A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [enc]          French
            Canal Satellite Promo         A007C|A0124       V00AB|V0171 [clear]        French
            CSN 96 ch 1                   A0091|A0145       V00AE|V0174 [clear]        French
            CSN 96 ch 2                   A0095|A0149       V00AF|V0175 [clear]        French
            . RFI Musique                 A00ED|A0237                   [clear]        French
            . Radio Notre Dame            A00EE|A0238                   [clear]        French
            . Radio Alpha                 A00EF|A0239                   [clear]        French
            . RCJ - Radio Communauté Juive A00F0|A0240                  [clear]        French
            . Radio Shalom                  "  |  "                     [clear]        French
            . Beur FM                     A00F1|A0231                   [clear]        French
            . Média Tropicale             A00F2|A0232                   [clear]        French
12,334 H    Canal Plus Nederland          SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      irdeto
            Nederland 1                   A028A|A0650       V0200|V0512 [clear]        Dutch
            TV 2 (Nederland)              A0294|A0660       V0201|V0513 [clear]        Dutch
            Nederland 3                   A029E|A0670       V0202|V0514 [enc]          Dutch
            TV Vaandag                    A02B2|A0690       V0204|V0516 [clear]        Dutch
            Info Channel                  A02BC|A0700       V0205|V0517 [enc]          Dutch
            . Radio 1                     A028B|A0651                   [clear]        Dutch
            . Radio 2                     A0295|A0661                   [clear]        Dutch
            . Radio 3                     A029F|A0671                   [clear]        Dutch
            . Radio 4                     A02A9|A0681                   [clear]        Dutch
            . Radio 5                     A02B3|A0691                   [clear]        Dutch
12,363 V    Canal Satellite Numérique     SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      mediaguard/viaccess
            RTM 1                         A0060|A0096       V00A2|V0162 [clear]        Arabic
            ESC 1                         A0068|A0104       V00A3|V0163 [clear]        Egyptian
            TV5 Europe                    A0070|A0112       V00A4|V0164 [clear]        French
            Rai Uno                       A0122|A0290       V0121|V0289 [clear]        Italian
            Deutsche Welle TV             A0132|A0306       V0131|V0305 [clear]        German
12,382 H    Wizja TV                      SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      fta
            Shopping TV [test card]       A0060|A0096       V00A2|V0162 [clear]        Polish
            Atomic TV                     A0122|A0290       V0121|V0289 [clear]        Polish
            Knowledge TV                  A0132|A0306       V0131|V0305 [clear]        English
12,402 V    Canal Satellite Numérique     SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      mediaguard/viaccess
            Demain!                       A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [enc]          French
            Comédie!                      A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [enc]          French
            13ème Rue                     A0058|A0088       V00A2|V0162 [enc]          French
            Fashion TV                    A005C|A0092       V00A3|V0163 [clear]        French
            Fox Kids                      A0060|A0096       V00A4|V0164 [enc]          French
            MCM Afrique                   A0064|A0100       V00A5|V0165 [enc]          French
            Forum Planète                 A0068|A0104       V00A6|V0166 [enc]          French
            . Radio FG                    A005D|A0093                   [enc]          French
            . MCE: Opera                  A00ED|A0237                   [enc]          French
            . MCE: Contemporary Jazz      A00EE|A0238                   [enc]          French
            . MCE: Mood Music             A00EF|A0239                   [enc]          French
            . MCE: 50's/60's Oldies       A00F0|A0240                   [enc]          French
            . MCE: 70's/80's Oldies       A00F1|A0241                   [enc]          French
            . MCE: Soul/Motown            A00F3|A0243                   [enc]          French
            . MCE: French Contemporary    A00F4|A0244                   [enc]          French
            . MCE: French Chart Hits      A00F5|A0245                   [enc]          French
            . MCE: Light/Keyboard Music   A00F6|A0246                   [enc]          French
            . MCE: Modern Country         A00F7|A0247                   [enc]          French
            . MCE: Techno/Dance           A00F8|A0248                   [enc]          French
            . MCE: World Music            A00F9|A0249                   [enc]          French
            . MCE: Film Music             A00FA|A0250                   [enc]          French
            . MCE: Rock                   A00FB|A0251                   [enc]          French
            . Classic Maestro             A076D|A1901                   [enc]          French
            . Grand Opera                 A076E|A1902                   [enc]          French
            . Fantaisie Baroque           A076F|A1903                   [enc]          French
            . Música de Cúmara            A0770|A1904                   [enc]          French
            . Harmonia Sacra              A0771|A1905                   [enc]          French
            . Música Antigua              A0772|A1906                   [enc]          French
            . Adagio                      A0773|A1907                   [enc]          French
            . Festival de Jazz            A0774|A1908                   [enc]          French
            . Jazz Legendario             A0775|A1909                   [enc]          French
            . Jazz Actual                 A0776|A1910                   [enc]          French
12,422 H
12,441 V    Canal Plus Nederland          SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      irdeto
            Kindernet                     A028A|A0650       V020A|V0522 [enc]          Dutch
            BVN TV                          "  |  "           "  |  "   [clear]        Dutch
            SBS6                          A028B|A0651       V020B|V0523 [enc]          Dutch
            Veronica                      A028C|A0652       V020C|V0524 [enc]          Dutch
            TMF (The Music Factory)       A028D|A0653       V020D|V0525 [enc]          Dutch
            Canal+ 1 Nederland            A028F|A0655       V020F|V0527 [enc]          Dutch
            Canal+ 2 Nederland            A0291|A0657       V0211|V0529 [enc]          Dutch
            . Hit Radio Veronica          A0296|A0662                   [enc]          Dutch
            . Radio Nederland             A029A|A0666                   [clear]        Dutch
            . Radio Nederland Int.        A029B|A0667                   [clear]        Dutch
12,460 H    DF1                           SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      irdeto
            VH-1 Deutschland              A0100|A0256       V00FF|V0255 [enc]          German
            BBC Prime                     A0200|A0512       V01FF|V0511 [enc]          English
            NBC Europe                    A0300|A0768       V02FF|V0767 [enc]          German
            CNBC Europe                   A0400|A1025       V03FF|V1024 [enc]          German
            H.O.T. - Home Order Television A0500|A1280       V04FF|V1279 [enc]         German
            DSF Golf                      A0600|A1536       V05FF|V1535 [enc]          German
12,480 V    DF1                           SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      irdeto
            Kanal 2                       A????|A????       V????|V???? [clear]        German
            Kanal 3                       A????|A????       V????|V???? [clear]        German
            Kanal 4                       A????|A????       V????|V???? [clear]        German
            Kanal 5                       A????|A????       V????|V???? [clear]        German

. = radio station

 1998 Dominic Sedghi
19.2 east: Astra 1G

freq.       channels                      audio             standard    encryption     lang
=====       ========                      =====             ========    ==========     ====
EUROPEAN BEAM - 60cm dish South UK
11,720 H    DF1                           SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      irdeto
            DSF Plus                      A0100|A0256       V00FF|V0255 [enc]          German
            Cinedom 4 '                   A0200|A0512       V01FF|V0511 [enc]          German
            Cinedom 1 '                   A0300|A0768       V02FF|V0767 [enc]          German
            Cinedom 2 '                   A0400|A1024       V03FF|V1023 [enc]          German
            Cinedom 3 '                   A0500|A1280       V04FF|V1279 [enc]          German
            Cinedom 16:9                  A0600|A1536       V05FF|V1535 [enc]          German
            Blue Movie                      "  |  "           "  |  "   [enc]          German
11,740 V    Canal Satellite Numérique     SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      mediaguard/viaccess
            Ciné Cinémas 1                A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [enc]          French
            MCM France                    A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [enc]          French
            Spectacle                     A0058|A0088       V00A2|V0162 [enc]          French
            Kiosque 2                     A005C|A0092       V00A3|V0163 [enc]          French
            Kiosque 3                     A0060|A0096       V00A4|V0164 [enc]          French
            Kiosque 4                     A0064|A0100       V00A5|V0165 [enc]          French
            Kiosque 5                     A0068|A0104       V00A6|V0166 [enc]          French
            MTV Europe                    A006C|A0108       V00A7|V0167 [enc]          French
11,758 H    DF1                           SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      irdeto
            Premiere 1                    A0100|A0256       V00FF|V0255 [enc]          German
            Premiere 2                    A0200|A0512       V01FF|V0511 [enc]          German
            Premiere 3                    A0300|A0768       V02FF|V0767 [enc]          German
            Premiere PPV 1                A0400|A1024       V03FF|V1023 [enc]          German
            Premiere PPV 2                A0500|A1280       V04FF|V1279 [enc]          German
            Premiere PPV 3                A0600|A1536       V05FF|V1535 [enc]          German
            Premiere PPV 4                A0700|A1792       V06FF|V1791 [enc]          German
11,778 V    Canal Satellite Numérique     SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      mediguard/viaccess
            EuroSport France              A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [enc]          French
            TMC - Télé Monte Carlo        A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [enc]          French
            Planète                       A0058|A0088       V00A2|V0162 [enc]          French
            Paris Première                A005C|A0092       V00A3|V0163 [enc]          French
            Voyage                        A0060|A0096       V00A4|V0164 [enc]          French
            Contact TV                    A0064|A0100       V00A5|V0165 [enc]          French
            LCI - La Chaîne Info          A0068|A0104       V00A6|V0166 [enc]          French
            Canal J                       A006C|A0108       V00A7|V0167 [enc]          French
11,798 H    DF1                           SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      irdeto
            Cine Action                   A0100|A0256       V00FF|V0255 [enc]          German
            Star*Kino                     A0200|A0512       V01FF|V0511 [enc]          German
            Western Movies                A0300|A0768       V02FF|V0767 [enc]          German
            FilmPalast                    A0400|A1024       V03FF|V1023 [enc]          German
            Cine Comedy                   A0500|A1280       V04FF|V1279 [enc]          German
            Heimatkanal                   A0600|A1536       V05FF|V1535 [enc]          German
            Clubhouse                     A0700|A1792       V06FF|V1791 [enc]          German
            Romantic Movies               A0800|A2048       V07FF|V2047 [enc]          German
            . Hitliste                    A0130|A0304                   [enc]          German
            . Blues                       A0160|A0352                   [enc]          German
            . Classic Rock                A0190|A0400                   [enc]          German
            . Soft Rock                   A0230|A0560                   [enc]          German
            . Generation Rock             A0260|A0608                   [enc]          German
            . Love Songs                  A0290|A0656                   [enc]          German
11,817 V    Canal Satellite Numérique     SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      mediguard/viaccess
            Seasons                       A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [enc]          French
            Ciné Cinémas 2                A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [enc]          French
            Ciné Cinémas 3                A0058|A0088       V00A2|V0162 [enc]          French
            Bloomberg Info TV             A005C|A0092       V00A3|V0163 [enc]          French
            Canal Satellite               A0060|A0096       V00A4|V0164 [clear]        French
            Canal Jimmy                   A0064|A0100       V00A5|V0165 [enc]          French
            Muzzik                        A0068|A0104       V00A6|V0166 [enc]          French
            LCM - La Chaîne Meteo         A006C|A0108       V00A7|V0167 [enc]          French
11,837 H    Astra Service                 SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      fta
            TNT Classic Movies            A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [clear]        French
            TNT Classic Movies            A0051|A0081         "  |  "   [clear]        English
            TNT Classic Movies            A0052|A0082         "  |  "   [clear]        Spanish
            TNT Classic Movies            A0053L|A0083L       "  |  "   [clear]        Spanish
            TNT Classic Movies            A0053R|A0083R       "  |  "   [clear]        Russian
            Cartoon Network Europe        A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [clear]        French
            Cartoon Network Europe        A0055|A0085         "  |  "   [clear]        English
            Cartoon Network Europe        A0056|A0086         "  |  "   [clear]        Spanish
            Cartoon Network Europe        A0057L|A0087L       "  |  "   [clear]        Norwegian
            Cartoon Network Europe        A0057R|A0087R       "  |  "   [clear]        Italian
            TVBS Europe                   A0058|A0085       V00A2|V0162 [enc]          Mandarin
            Chinese Channel                 "  |  "           "  |  "   [enc]          Mandarin
            Travel                        A005C|A0092       V00A3|V0163 [clear]        English
            Cartoon Network Nederland     A0060|A0096       V00A4|V0164 [clear]        Dutch
            Cartoon Network Nederland     A0061|A0097         "  |  "   [clear]        English
            CNN International             A0064|A0100       V00A5|V0165 [clear]        English
            . CNN Radio News              A0065|A0101                   [clear]        English
11,856 V    Canal Satellite Numérique     SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      mediguard/viaccess
            Canal+                        A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [enc]          French
            Canal+ Bleu                   A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [enc]          French
            Canal+ Jaune                  A0058|A0088       V00A2|V0162 [enc]          French
            Canal+ 16:9                   A005C|A0092       V00A3|V0163 [enc]          French
            Ciné Cinéfil                  A0060|A0096       V00A4|V0164 [enc]          French
            Ciné Cinémas                  A0064|A0100       V00A5|V0165 [enc]          French
            Discovery Channel             A0068|A0104       V00A6|V0166 [enc]          French
            RTP Internacional             A006C|A0108       V00A7|V0167 [enc]          Portugue.
11,876 H
11,895 V
11,914 H    
11,934 V    Canal Satélite Digital        SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      mediaguard
            Mosaico                       A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [clear]        Spanish
            Andalucia TV                  A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [clear]        Spanish
            TVC - Televisio de Catalunya  A0058|A0088       V00A2|V0162 [clear]        Catalán
            Canal 99                      A005C|A0092       V00A3|V0163 [clear]        Spanish
            Canal Méteo                   A0060|A0096       V00A4|V0164 [clear]        Spanish
            Radio                         A0064|A0100       V00A5|V0165 [clear]        Spanish
            Disney Channel [test card]    A0078|A0120       V00AA|V0170 [clear]        English
            . Los 40 Principales          A00E6|A0230                   [clear]        Spanish
            . Cadena Dial                 A00E7|A0231                   [clear]        Spanish
            . M-80                        A00E8|A0232                   [clear]        Spanish
            . Radiolé                     A00E9|A0233                   [clear]        Spanish
            . Sinfo Radio Antena 3        A00EA|A0234                   [clear]        Spanish
            . Andalucia Radio             A00EB|A0235                   [clear]        Spanish
            . Pop-Rock                    A00EC|A0236                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Voces Proprias              A00ED|A0237                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Capricho Español            A00EE|A0238                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Ritmo Latino                A00EF|A0239                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Otras Decadas               A00F0|A0240                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Pasion Flamenca             A00F1|A0241                   [enc]          Spanish
            . Cadena SER                  A00F2|A0242                   [clear]        Spanish
            . Catalunya Ràdio             A00F4|A0244                   [clear]        Catalán
            . Catalunya Informació        A00F5|A0245                   [clear]        Catalán
            . Catalunya Musica            A00F6|A0246                   [clear]        Catalán
            . RAC 105                     A00F7|A0247                   [clear]        Catalán
11,954 H
11,973 V    Canal Satélite Digital        SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      mediaguard
            Canal+ España                 A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [enc]          Spanish
            Canal+ Azul                   A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [enc]          Spanish
            Canal+ Rojo                   A0058|A0088       V00A2|V0162 [enc]          Spanish
            Fútbol Mundial                A005C|A0092       V00A3|V0163 [enc]          Spanish
            Sportmanía                    A0060|A0096       V00A4|V0164 [enc]          Spanish
            + Música                      A0064|A0100       V00A5|V0165 [enc]          Spanish
            Guia TV                       A????|A????       V????|V???? [enc]          Spanish
11,992 H
12,012 V    Canal Plus Nederland          SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      irdeto
            RTL 4                         A028A|A0653       V0200|V0512 [enc]          Dutch
            RTL 5 Nieuws en Weer          A0294|A0660       V0201|V0513 [enc]          Dutch
            Nederland 1                   A02A8|A0680       V0203|V0514 [enc]          Dutch
            Nederland 2                   A02B2|A0690       V0204|V0515 [enc]          Dutch
            Nederland 3                   A02BC|A0700       V0205|V0516 [enc]          Dutch
            [test card]                   A0289|A0649       V0283|V0289 [enc]
            . Der Oldie Sender            A028B|A0651                   [clear]        Dutch
            . Radio 1                     A????|A????                   [enc]          Dutch
            . Radio 2                     A????|A????                   [enc]          Dutch
            . Radio 3                     A????|A????                   [enc]          Dutch
            . Radio 4                     A????|A????                   [enc]          Dutch
            . Radio 5                     A????|A????                   [enc]          Dutch
12,032 H    DF1                           SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      irdeto
            Herz & Co.                    A0100|A0256       V00FF|V0255 [enc]          German
            Discovery Channel Deutschland A0200|A0513       V01FF|V0512 [enc]          German
            Junior                        A0300|A0768       V02FF|V0767 [enc]          German
            K-toon                        A0400|A1024       V03FF|V1023 [enc]          German
            Classica                      A0500|A1280       V04FF|V1279 [enc]          German
            Krimi & Co.                   A0600|A1536       V05FF|V1535 [enc]          German
            Comedy & Co.                  A0700|A1792       V06FF|V1791 [enc]          German
            SF - Der Science-Fiction Kanal A0800|A2048      V07FF|V2047 [enc]          German
            . Dance                       A0130|A0304                   [enc]          German
            . Progressive Dance           A0160|A0352                   [enc]          German
            . Deutsche Rock               A0190|A0400                   [enc]          German
            . Schlager                    A0230|A0560                   [enc]          German
            . Volksmusik                  A0260|A0608                   [enc]          German
            . Easy Listening              A0290|A0656                   [enc]          German
12,055 V    Pro Sieben                    SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      fta
            Pro Sieben (Schweiz)          A0122|A0290       V0121|V0289 [clear]        German
            Pro Sieben (Österreich) [tc]  A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0160 [clear]        German

12,516 H
12,522 V    Canal Satélite Digital        SR22000 FEC5/6    MPEG-2      mediaguard
            Cinemanía                     A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [enc]          Spanish
            Cinemanía Azul                A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [enc]          Spanish
            Taquilla 3                    A0058|A0088       V00A2|V0162 [enc]          Spanish
            Taquilla 4                    A005C|A0092       V00A3|V0163 [enc]          Spanish
            Taquilla 5                    A0060|A0096       V00A4|V0164 [enc]          Spanish
            Discovery Channel España      A0064|A0100       V00A5|V0165 [enc]          Spanish
            Discovery Channel España      A0065|A0101         "  |  "   [enc]          Portugue.
12,545 H
12,552 V
12,574 H
12,581 V    Canal Satélite Digital        SR22000 FEC5/6    MPEG-2      mediaguard
            Euronews                      A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [enc]          Spanish
            Euronews                      A0051|A0081         "  |  "   [enc]          English
            Vivir                         A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [enc]          Spanish
            Taquilla 9                    A0058|A0088       V00A2|V0162 [enc]          Spanish
            Taquilla 10                   A005C|A0092       V00A3|V0163 [enc]          Spanish
            C: (España)                   A0060|A0096       V00A4|V0164 [enc]          Spanish
12,604 H    ARD Digital                   SR22000 FEC5/6    MPEG-2      fta
            ARD                           A0BC4|A0102       V0BC3|V0101 [clear]        German
            Bayern 3                      A0BCE|A0202       V0BCD|V0201 [clear]        German
            Hessen 3                      A0BD8|A0302       V0BD7|V0301 [clear]        German
            N3                            A0BE2|A0402       V0BE1|V0401 [clear]        German
            Südwest 3                     A0BEC|A0502       V0BEB|V0501 [clear]        German
            WDR                           A0BF6|A0602       V0BF5|V0601 [clear]        German
12,611 V
12,633 H
12,640 V
12,663 H    ZDF Vision                    SR22000 FEC5/6    MPEG-2      fta
            ZDF                           A0078|A0120       V006E|V0110 [clear]        German
            3Sat                          A00DC|A0220       V00D2|V0210 [clear]        German
            Der KinderKanal               A0140|A0320       V0136|V0310 [clear]        German
            arte                            "  |  "           "  |  "   [clear]        German
            Phoenix                       A01A4|A0420       V019A|V0410 [clear]        German
            ZDF Info Trailer              A026C|A0620       V0262|V0610 [clear]        German
            . Deutschlandfunk             A02C6|A0710                   [clear]        German
            . Deutschlandradio            A032A|A0810                   [clear]        German
12,670 V    -                             SR22000 FEC5/6    MPEG-2      fta
            Cartoon Network               A0060|A0096       V00A2|V0162 [clear]        Spanish
            Cartoon Network               A0061|A0097         "  |  "   [clear]        English
            CNN International             A0122|A0290       V0121|V0289 [clear]        English
            TNT Classic Movies            A0059|A0089       V0131|V0305 [clear]        English
            TNT Classic Movies            A0132|A0306         "  |  "   [clear]        Spanish
            ESM                                                         [clear]
12,692 H    ORF - Österreichischer Rundfunk SR22000 FEC5/6  MPEG-2      fta
            ORF 1 [test card]             A00A1|A0161       V00A0|V0169 [clear]        German
            TW 1                          A00A7|A0167       V00A6|V0166 [clear]        German
            ORF 2 [test card]             A01F5|A0501       V01F4|V0500 [enc]          German
            . Österreich 1 [tests]        A00A9|A0169                   [clear]        German
            . Ö 2 [tests]                 A00AA|A0170                   [clear]        German
            . Ö 3 [tests]                 A00AB|A0171                   [clear]        German
            . Blue Danube Radio [tests]   A00AC|A0172                   [clear]        German
            . Radio Österreich Int. [tests] A00AD|A0173                 [clear]        German
12,699 V
12,722 H    ARD Digital                   SR22000 FEC5/6    MPEG-2      fta
            Eins Extra                    A0066|A0102       V0065|V0101 [clear]        German
            Eins Festival                 A00CA|A0202       V00C9|V0201 [clear]        German
            Eins MuXx                     A012E|A0302       V012D|V0301 [clear]        German
            MDR                           A0192|A0402       V0191|V0401 [clear]        German
            ORB                           A01F6|A0502       V01F5|V0501 [clear]        German
            B 1                           A025A|A0602       V0259|V0601 [clear]        German
            ARD - online kanal promo      A070A|A1082       V0709|V1081 [clear]        German
            . B5 Aktuell                  A02BD|A0701                   [clear]        German
            . WDR 1 Live                  A0321|A0801                   [clear]        German
            . Fritz                       A0385|A0901                   [clear]        German
            . HR 2                        A03E9|A1001                   [clear]        German
            . MDR Info                    A044D|A1101                   [clear]        German
            . SFB 4 Multikulti            A0515|A1301                   [clear]        German
            . WDR 2                       A0641|A1601                   [clear]        German
12,729 V

. = radio station

 1998 Dominic Sedghi

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