NETWORK FEEDS : 27.5W - 37.5W

Sat-UK-Tab Frequency Listings
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27.5W  Intelsat 605
37.5W  Orion 1
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27.5 west: Intelsat 605

freq.       channels                      audio             standard    encryption     lang
=====       ========                      =====             ========    ==========     ====
EAST & WEST BEAMS - 100cm dish South UK
10.970 V    D+                            SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      FTA
            Cine Cinemà 1                 A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [clear]        Italian
            Cine Cinemà 2                 A0054|A0084       V00A1|V0161 [clear]        Italian
            Marco Polo                    A0058|A0088       V00A2|V0162 [clear]        Italian
            Cine Classics                 A005C|A0092       V00A3|V0163 [clear]        Italian
            Seasons                       A0060|A0096       V00A4|V0164 [clear]        Italian
            Planete                       A0064|A0100       V00A5|V0165 [clear]        Italian
            Canal Jimmy                   A0068|A0104       V00A6|V0166 [clear]        Italian
10.995 H    [BT feeds]                                      PAL
10.995 V    [BT feeds]                                      PAL
11.015 H    [BT feeds]                                      PAL
11.058 V    UK TV                         SR27500 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      FTA
            UK Arena                      A0460|A1120       V0488|V1160 [clear]        English
            UK Style                      A04C4|A1220       V04EC|V1260 [clear]        English
            UK Horizons                   A0528|A1320       V0550|V1360 [clear]        English
            [colour bars]                 A058C|A1420       V05B4|V1460 [clear]
11.096 V    [occasional feeds]                              PAL
11.135 H    [occasional feeds]                              PAL

11.476 H    Canal Digitaal                SR17981 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      FTA
            Canal+                        A0280|A0640       V0200|V0512 [clear]        Dutch
            Canal+ Blauw                  A0281|A0641       V0201|V0513 [clear]        Dutch
            Canal+ Geel                   A0282|A0642       V0202|V0514 [clear]        Dutch
            Hallmark                      A0283|A0643       V0203|V0515 [clear]        Dutch
            Promo                         A0284|A0644       V0204|V0516 [clear]        Dutch
11.494 H    DR 1                          SR4340 FEC7/8     MPEG-2      FTA
                                          A0121|A0289       V0120|V0288 [clear]        Danish
11.500 H    TV2 Danmark                   SR4340 FEC7/8     MPEG-2      FTA
                                          A0131|A0305       V0130|V0304 [clear]        Danish
11.555 V    Music Choice Europe                             Digital     AC1 DCR        English
11.591 H    SIS Satellite Racing                            BMAC                       English
            . Radio Courses 2             7.92              BMAC                       French
            . Radio Courses 1             8.10              BMAC                       French
11.609 V    Music Choice Europe           SR7498 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      clear          English
            . Hit List                    A0100|A0256                   [clear]
            . Classic Rock                A0101|A0257                   [clear]
            . Soft Rock                   A0102|A0258                   [clear]
            . Generation Rock             A0103|A0259                   [clear]
            . Heavy Rock                  A0104|A0260                   [clear]
            . Old Gold                    A0105|A0261                   [clear]
            . Gold                        A0106|A0262                   [clear]
            . Dance                       A0107|A0263                   [clear]
            . Progressive Dance           A0108|A0264                   [clear]
            . Soul/Rhythm & Rhyme         A0109|A0265                   [clear]
            . Soul Classics               A010A|A0266                   [clear]
            . Reggae                      A010B|A0267                   [clear]
            . Latin                       A010C|A0268                   [clear]
            . Jazz                        A010D|A0269                   [clear]
            . Jazz 2                      A010E|A0270                   [clear]
            . Big Band                    A010F|A0271                   [clear]
            . Country                     A0110|A0272                   [clear]
            . New Country                 A0111|A0273                   [clear]
            . Blues                       A0112|A0274                   [clear]
            . Classical Favourites        A0113|A0275                   [clear]
            . Classical Symphonic         A0114|A0276                   [clear]
            . Classical Adventures        A0115|A0277                   [clear]
            . Classical Baroque & Early Music A0116|A0278               [clear]
            . Opera & Vocal Works         A0117|A0279                   [clear]
            . Film Music                  A0118|A0280                   [clear]
            . Love Songs                  A0119|A0281                   [clear]
            . Musicals                    A011A|A0282                   [clear]
            . Easy Listening              A011B|A0283                   [clear]
            . New Age Moods               A011C|A0284                   [clear]
            . Children's Channel          A011D|A0285                   [clear]
            . Deutscher Rock              A011E|A0286                   [clear]
            . Schlager                    A011F|A0287                   [clear]
            . Volksmusik                  A0120|A0288                   [clear]
            . Vlaanderen Muziekland       A0121|A0289                   [clear]
            . Les Grands Chansons         A0122|A0290                   [clear]
            . Les Tubes Français          A0123|A0291                   [clear]
            . Hollands Populair           A0124|A0292                   [clear]
            . Bella Italia                A0125|A0293                   [clear]
            . Türk Müzik                  A0126|A0294                   [clear]
            . Hitkanal Norden             A0127|A0295                   [clear]
            . World Music                 A0128|A0296                   [clear]
            . Spirit of Ireland           A0129|A0297                   [clear]
            . Arabe                       A012A|A0298                   [clear]
            . Sounds of India             A012B|A0299                   [clear]
            . Singers & Standard          A012D|A0301                   [clear]
            . Star Tracks                 A012E|A0302                   [clear]
            . Débuts                      A012F|A0303                   [clear]
11.615 V    Music Choice Europe                             Digital     AC1 DCR        English
11.620 H    SMS - Satellite Media Services                  SEDAT
            . IRN - Independent Radio News                                             English
            . SMS Mono 2                                                               English
            . SMS Commercials Channel                                                  English
            . SMS Programmes Channel                                                   English
11.661 V    British Telecom               SR30494 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      PowerVu
            Discovery Channel Benelux     A0460|A1120       V0448|V1160 [enc]          Dutch
            [occasional feeds]            A04C4|A1220       V04EC|V1260 [enc]
            Quantum 24                    A0528|A1320       V0550|V1360 [enc]          English
            Canal M                       A058C|A1420       V05B4|V1460 [enc]          Swedish
            Sony Entertainment TV (Asia)  A05F0|A1520       V0618|V1560 [enc]          English
            . Jazz FM                     A04C4|A1220                   [clear]        Dutch
11.668 H    British Telecom               SR30494 FEC3/4    MPEG-2      PowerVu
            Carlton Food Network          A0460|A1120       V0448|V1160 [enc]          English
            Carlton Select                  "  |  "           "  |  "   [enc]          English
            Rapture Sat                   A04C4|A1220       V04EC|V1260 [enc]          English
            Quantum Channel               A0528|A1320       V0550|V1360 [clear]        English
            Quantum Channel                 "  |  "           "  |  "   [clear]        German
            Quantum Channel               A052A|A1322         "  |  "   [clear]        Dutch
            Quantum Channel                 "  |  "           "  |  "   [clear]        French
            TCC (Nordic )                 A058C|A1420       V05B4|V1460 [clear]        Swedish
            HVC - Home Video Channel        "  |  "           "  |  "   [enc]          English
            BT Promo                      A05F0|A1520       V0618|V1560 [clear]        English
            L!ve TV                       A0654|A1620       V067C|V1660 [enc]          English

. = radio station

 1998 Dominic Sedghi
37.5 west: Orion 1
(european beam only)

freq.       channels                      audio             standard    encryption     lang
=====       ========                      =====             ========    ==========     ====
EUROPEAN BEAM - 1m dish South UK
11.481 V    [RTL TV feeds]                SR8750 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      FTA
                                          A0280|A0640       V0200|V0512 [clear]
11.535 V    Channel 5                     SR25543 FEC7/8    MPEG-2      Enc.
            Channel 5 Region 1            A0280|A0640       V0200|V0512 [enc]          English
            Channel 5 Region 2            A028A|A0650       V0201|V0513 [enc]          English
            BBC News 24                   A0294|A0660       V0202|V0514 [enc]          English
            The Parliamentary Channel     A02A8|A0680       V0204|V0516 [clear]        English
11.542 H    M2                            SR6000 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      [cam]
                                          A006C|A0108       V00A7|V0167 [enc]          English
11.554 H    Knowledge TV International    SR4400 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      FTA
                                          A0C30|A3120       V0C58|V3160 [clear]        English
11.561 V    BFBS - British Forces Broad.  SR5998 FEC1/2     MPEG-2      Enc.
            BFBS TV                       A0050|A0080       V00A0|V0160 [enc]          English
            . BFBS Balkans                  "  |                        [clear]        English
            . BFBS Europe 1               A0051L|A0081L                 [clear]        English
            . BFBS Europe 2               A0051R|A0081R                 [clear]        English
            . BFBS Germany                A0052|A0082                   [clear]        English
11.590 V    [Enex feeds]                  SR8750 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      FTA
                                          A0280|A0640       V0200|V0512 [clear]
11.605 V    Med TV                        SR5632 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      FTA
                                          A4133|A1025       V4132|V1024 [clear]        Kurdish
11.622 V    Orion Package                 SR18901 FEC7/8    MPEG-2      RAZ
            Channel 1                     A0280|A0640       V0200|V0512 [enc]          English
            Performance - Arts Channel    A0281|A0641       V0201|V0513 [enc]          English
            Knowledge TV (Europe)         A0282|A0642       V0202|V0514 [clear]        English
            [colour bars]                                   V0203|V0515 [clear]        Italian
            Landscape Channel             A0284|A0644       V0204|V0516 [clear]        English
            NTL [feeds]                   A0285|A0645       V0205|V0517 [clear]
            M2                            A0286|A0646       V0206|V0518 [enc]          English
11.672 V    BET on Jazz                   SR6116 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      FTA
                                          A0022|A0034       V0021|V0033 [clear]        English
11.680 V    AsiaNet                       SR3000 FEC5/6     MPEG-2      FTA
                                          A0022|A0034       V0021|V0033 [clear]        Hindi

12.585 V    [occasional feeds]                              PAL/NTSC
12.604 V    BBC [feeds]                   SR8448 FEC2/3     MPEG-2      FTA
12.610 H    Cinquestelle                  SR4893 FEC1/2     MPEG-2      FTA
                                          A04BB|A1211       V0456|V1110 [clear]        Italian
12.665 V    [occasional feeds]                              PAL/NTSC
12.677 H    Vía Digital                   SR7141 FEC3/4     MPEG-2      FTA
            Outdoor Life                  A0848|A2120       V0870|V2160 [clear]        Spanish
            SpeedVision                   A08AC|A2220       V08D4|V2260 [clear]        Spanish

. = radio station

 1998 Dominic Sedghi
Upcoming satellite launches

date           satellite     pos.    information
====           =========     ====    ===========
June 9         THOR 3        0.8w   14 tps Ku-Band
21.23-00.20                          to be copositioned with Thor 1/2
June           Astra 2A      28.2e  28 tps 11,700-12,500 GHz, MPEG-2
                                     to initiate new orbital hotspot
June 12/13     Intelsat 805  33e    3 tps Ku-Band, 28 tps C-Band
                                     to replace Intelsat 505/510
August 15      Sirius 3      5.2e   32 tps
                                     to replace Sirius
                                     to be copositioned with Sirius 2
September 15   Eutelsat W2   16e    18 tps 10,950-11,700 GHz; 6 tps 12,500-12,750 GHz
                                     to replace Eutelsat II-F3
October 5      HotBird 5     13e    frequencies as Eutelsat II-F1
                                     to replace Eutelsat II-F1
2nd Half       Yamal 200     19.2w
November       Astra 1H      19.2e  full backup for Astra 1E-1G; 2 tps Ka-Band
                                     to be copositioned with Astra 1A-1G
December       Eutelsat SESAT 36e   18 tps
                                     to be copositioned with TDF 2 & GALS 1/2
[unknown]      Amos 2        4w     16 tps Ku-Band
                                     to be copositioned with Amos 1
March          Eutelsat W3   7e     18 tps 10,950-11,700 GHz; 6 tps 12,500-12,750 GHz
                                     to replace Eutelsat II-F4M
March          Eutelsat W4   36e    32 tps
                                     to be copositioned with Eutelsat SESAT, TDF 2 & GALS 1/2
June           Orion 2       12w    22 tps 10,950-11,200/11,450-11,700/
                                     12,500-12,750 GHz: Europe
                                     8 tps 11,700-12,200 GHz: Pan-America
September      Astra 2B      28.2e  backup for Astra 2A; 28 tps 11,700-12,750 GHz
                                     partially to replace Kopernikus 2
end            Hispasat 1C   30w    24 tps: Iberia, Europe & America, MPEG-2
                                     to be copositioned with Hispasat 1A/1B
early          Türksat 2A    42e
mid            Europesat 1   29e    (Eutelsat satellite)
                                     36 tps: Ku-Band
                                     to be "copositioned" with Astra 2A/2B
-              Astra 1K      19.2e  52 tps: Ku-Band
                                     to be copositioned with Astra 1C/1D/1E/1F/1G/1H
                                     to replace Astra 1A/1B

 1998 Dominic Sedghi

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