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Report #85
august 5th 1997
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---------- SKY CHANGES
(source: BSkyB)
OK. Many of you who subscribe to BSkyB should now be aware of some of
the channel and subscription changes. Here is a small summary of Sky's
letter to their subbies (NOWHERE NEAR EXACT WORDS):

As from September 1st, Sky Sports 2 will become a premium channel. It
will therefore be possible to choose to subscribe to Sky Sports 1, Sky
Sports 2, or both. Sky Sports 3 and Sky Sports Gold (incorporated into
SS3), will be available to anyone who subscribes to either or both of
the premium channels.
For people who currently subscribe to Sky Sports 1 and get SS2 and SS3
free, the charge for Sky Sports 2 will be added to the rate: this will
make the new subscription rate 29.99 UKP - an increase of 3 UKP.

Sky Sports 2 will start to broadcast for over 20 hours EVERY DAY from
September 1st on transponder 47.
Sky Soap, the History Channel and the Sci-Fi Channel will all move to
transponder 24, broadcasting between 11am-4pm, 4pm-8pm and 8pm-4am
National Geographic TV will replace Sky 2 on transponder 7, effecting no
price change.

Movies: New movies on Sky's movie channels will include Goldeneye,
Jumanji, Seven, Father of the Bride Part 2, and many more.
Entertainment: Sky 1 will soon start showing all new episodes of the
smash-hit programmes 'Friends' and 'ER'.

According to some rumours, the Disney Channel will soon be available to
all Sky subscribers - not just to movie subscribers. It's not known
whether it will become a premium or multi-channel channel. More news
when I get it.

I've decided to postpone the mailed charts for now - some people don't
want the bulky mails, understandably. Stay logged on for more news on
this situation.

Oh, and the subscriber count for August on the website was 13129, and on
the mailing list was 642! Nice indeedy.

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