Sat-UK #104: HOTBIRD 3

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Report #104
14th september 1997
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---------- HOTBIRD 3
Tests have been seen from the recently launched satellite, HotBird 3, at
28,2 degrees east. These involve mainly black cards and power tests on
each of the twenty transponders. Tests have currently reached about
transponder 10, so, if all goes well, the bird should be moving to its
permanent spot of 13 degrees east soon.
Eutelsat have been using the 28,2 degrees east orbital spot to
strengthen their claim the the orbital position which is under dispute
with Astra/SES, who wish to place Astra 2A next year, and 2B soon after
that. The spot is currently occupied by Kopernikus 2, at 28,5 degrees
east, owned by Deutsche Telekom, who have already signed an agreement
with Astra, whereby Astra 2B will partly replace Kopernikus 2 when it is
put into operation.

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