Sat-UK #149 11.11.97: BBC NEWS 24 - SIRIUS 2 - HRT DIGITAL

Sat-UK Report #149:
- BBC launches news channel, takes on Sky and CNN
- Sirius 2 delayed until tonight
- HRT goes digital on HotBird 3
tuesday 11th november 1997
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And now the news:

---------- BBC launches news channel, takes on Sky and CNN
(source: UK Satellite Control. News information copyright (c) 1996-1997
UK SATELLITE. Neil Anthony Powell. All rights reserved.)

The British Broadcasting Corporation launched a 24-hour news channel on
Sunday for viewers in Britain, competing with CNN and Sky News from News
Corp. and British Sky Broadcasting. However, BBC News 24's reach is
limited. Only about three million cable-subscribing homes were able to
see the launch, half of the six million households reached by Sky News
and CNN and about one-seventh of Britain's 22 million TV-viewing homes.
The majority of Britons will only be able to see the channel for about
four hours early morning when the new service fills the gap after the
sign-off of BBC1, the flagship channel. It provides full news and sports
bulletins every hour and updates every 15 minutes, with special news
programs in between. The channel is based at the BBC's Television Center
in west London.

---------- Sirius 2 delayed until tonight
(part source: SATCO DX)

Isn't is typical? The only successful recent launches I can remember
have been... HotBird 3. Not that we can blame SSC for the failure of
yesterday's anticipated take-off - when it comes to Mother Nature, not
even the specialists in French Guyana can do anything about it, as was
seen last night. Due to unforseen weather conditions, the launch of
Sirius 2 can now be seen tonight at exactly the same times. Thanks to
SATCO DX and TVRO, I can give you the satellites and frequencies where
you might be able to catch the launch:
Tele-X: 12,605 L
Telecom 2C: 12,606 V
Telecom 2B: 3,768 R
Telecom 2A: 3,768 R
Let's hope the same misfortune doesn't strike again!

---------- HRT goes digital on HotBird 3
(part source: internal)

HRT has begun its digital package on Eutelsat HotBird 3, 12,303 V, which
it is sharing with national Slovenian broadcaster TV Slovenija. The
package contains six television channels and seven radio channels. The
Croatian channels include Hrvatska Television 1, 2 & 3, and Hrvatski
Radio 1, 2, 3 and KV. Slovenian channels include TV Slovenija 1, 2 & 3,
and Radio Slovenija 1, 2 and 3. The channel is currently in the clear,
so get yer d-boxes out!

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