Sat-UK-News #234 16.04.98: Sky, Quantum 24, UK Horizons

Sat-UK-News Report #234:
- Sky again on Astra 1D
- Quantum 24 on HotBird 4
- UK Horizons to start on Astra 1E
thursday 16th april 1998
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And now the news:

---------- Sky again on Astra 1D
 Sky has started yet another digital package on Astra 1D, this time on
11.837 H. They seem to be testing the EPG - Electronic Programme Guide,
as Sky Sports 2, Sky Movies Screen 1/2 and Sky One are all shown in the
information display with their respective programmes (although the
transmissions themselves consist of only Sky News and test cards). In
addition, in Sky's package on 11.856 V, there seems to be an encrypted
channel, a test card according to SATCO DX. It would appear that Sky are
also experimenting with their encryption system, which will most likely
be either NDC - News DataCom, or Videoguard, which the BBC are planning
to use.

---------- Quantum 24 on HotBird 4
 Most satellite viewers are probably not even aware of the Quantum
Channel, which broadcasts commercial presentations and shopping offers
during the night while EuroSport is off the air. Quantum, however, is
one of the more popular shopping channels in Europe, and has now
reinforced its place in the European satellite shopping market by
bringing its 24-hour digital channel to HotBird 4 in analoguel. Quantum
24 broadcasts all day every day and is now available on 10.930 H in
clear PAL. There are four subcarriers in use: 6.60 for German, 7.02 for
English, 7.20 for Dutch and 7.38 for French.

---------- UK Horizons to start on Astra 1E
 The UK TV Preview Channel on 10.818 V will soon be replaced by another
of UK TV's channels, UK Horizons. This will apparently be in the clear,
although this could very well mean soft encrypted in videocrypt. It will
be the second of UK TV's four channels to be available via satellite and
in analogue, alongside UK Gold. The other two channels, UK Style and UK
Arena, have not yet been confirmed for analogue transmission, although
with the closures of JSTV and CMT Europe, there's plenty of room!

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