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Subject: The new TV3 norway code !
From: Peter Andreasen <Petaas@post5.tele.dk>
Date: Thu, 04 Sep 1997 11:49:07 +0200
Message-id: <340E8412.87FB1AAE@post5.tele.dk>

The code

Key Oc
Hex = ED A3 67 46 25 8D 98
multimac = 7630,3421,7802,5703,3604,1635,2136

Subject: Re: TV Norge program listings?
Subject: Re: Tv3 Norweigan is now running key 0C!
From: loffyscarden@geocities.com (Loffy Scarden)
Date: Tue, 02 Sep 1997 14:08:48 GMT
Message-id: <5uh6rl$jl7$1@o.online.no>

peter.jonasson@mailbox.swipnet.se (Peter Jonasson) wrote:

>Hi all

>Tv3 Norwegian is now running key 0C! It is of course a new key and from
>what I know not known (yet)

>Regards Peter

Yes I did see that, they are back to 0b again at the time of writing
this. 16.11 cet

Loffy Scarden

Subject: New channel on 1west  1sept
From: "Slice" <willys42@hotmail.com>
Date: 1 Sep 1997 18:57:44 GMT
Message-id: <01bcb708$9c9a23a0$70a04382@gjeldne>

Maximaze this and save. New 1 sept.......  working now...

Thor 1 and 2, Intelsat 707, TV Sat 2           1o west, 	
	     	Cartoon Network	           	11.001 V  	D2MAC
	     	TNT - Turner Network TV 	11.001 V   	D2MAC
	     	TV1000				11.054 V   	D2MAC
	     	TV 3 Norway		  	11.096 H  	D2MAC
New in aug.  	TV Denmark			11.216 Lc  V	D2MAC
New 1sept.   	Canal + Danmark		11.261 H	D2Mac  
New 1sept.   	Canal + Norway  	  	11.293 H	D2Mac
New in aug.  	NRK 2			  	11.325 Rc  H	D2MAC
New in aug.  	Channel 5            	  	11.341 V	PAL
New in aug.  	NRK 1			  	11.357 Rc  H 	DMAC
	     	TVS - Sportchannel		11.389 Rc  H	D2MAC
New in aug.  	TVNorge		     	11.421 H   	PAL
New in aug.  	MTV Europe			11.434 V	D2MAC
	     	TV 3 Denmark		  	11.473 V  	D2MAC
New in aug.  	VTV            		  	11.540 V  	D2MAC
New 1sept.  	CNN International		11.485 H	D2MAC
	     	TV 2 ( Norway ) 		11.555 H  	D2MAC
	     	TV 3 Sweden		  	11.597 V  	D2MAC
	     	DR 2 / Sky Entertainment  	11.667 V 	D2MAC
New 1sept.  	BBC Prime			11.679 H  	D2MAC
New in aug.  	Sky			  	11.773 Rc  	D2MAC
	     	Eurosport Nordic		11.862 Rc 	D2MAC
             	TV1000 Cinema		  	11.888 L  	D2MAC
	     	Sci-Fi 			  	11.912 Lc	D2MAC
	     	Home Shopping Network        	11.938 Rc 	D2MAC
   	     	The Children Channel         	11.938 Rc 	D2MAC
	     	Discovery 			11.938 Rc  	D2MAC
	     	3+ Denmark			11.977 L	D2MAC
New 1sept.   	Canal + Yellow ( Filmnet 2 ) 	12.015 Rc 	D2MAC
New 1sept.   	Canal + Sweden ( Filmnet 1 ) 	12.092 Rc 	D2MAC
Tele-X,   Sirius            5o east		

	     	VH-1			  	11.785 R  	D2MAC 
	     	Nickelodeon		  	11.862 R  	D2MAC 
	     	Z TV Sweden		  	11.862 R  	D2MAC 
	     	TV Stockholm		  	11.938 R  	PAL
	     	TV 4			  	11.938 R  	PAL
	     	TV 6 Sweden		  	12.015 R  	D2MAC 
	     	TV 3 Sweden		  	12.092 R  	D2MAC 
	     	Channel 5			12.475 L   	PAL
	     	TVS - Sportchannel		12.637 L   	D2MAC 

 New channel on 5 east maybe in nowember 97 on Sirius 2: 
 11.727 H, 11.747 V, 11.767 H, 11.900 V, 12.073 H, 12.092 V,
 12.111 H, 12.130 V, 12.149 H, 12.169 V, 12.188 H, 12.207 V,
 12.226 H, 12.245 V, 12.265 H, 12.284 V, 12.203 H, 12.322 V,
 12.341 H, 12.360 V, 12.380 H, 12.399 V, 12.418 H, 12.437 V,
 12.456 H, 12.476 V, 12.604 V, 12.646 H, 12.687 V, 12.687 H,
 12.729 H 

Some sat card info:
http://home.sol.no/rstormo/sat/                Nordic 
http://www.eurosat.com/stegen/              Stegen

1pic hex code her. All dmac/d2mac channel on 1west. Almost all tuners.
Copy after line to line and past in notepad and save like hex. 

Subject: Re: dutch tv question
From: zebra@cableinet.co.uk.com (Peter)
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 1997 20:01:47 GMT
Message-id: <340b7b66.1136017@news.cableinet.co.uk>

On Sat, 30 Aug 1997 18:45:39 +0200, jdvm@wirehub.nl (J.D. van Meines)

>In article <EFoJz6.AIt@exeter.ac.uk>, sat@area51.upsu.plym.ac.uk says...
>> Hello,
>> Does anyone know know if a Television bought in holland will work okay
>> in england -.
>> I know both countries use Pal, but i've heard that a Dutch tv taken to
>> England won't pick up the sound on bbc1,bbc2, itv and ch4 because they
>> use a differnet subcarrier for the audio.

the old mono sound on British TV is 6Mhz from the vison, for the Dutch
TV it is probably 5.5 MHz.

>> Can someone email me about this.
>> i have a friend who doesn't know whether to bring her television from
>> the Netherlands over to England.
>> thanks,
>> Robin
>> (sat@area51.upsu.plym.ac.uk)
>The difference is in the stereo sound system: UK uses NICAM stereo and 
>Holland uses A2. There are however many tvs and vcrs that have both 
>systems built in. I do not know if this means that when your tv does not 
>have NICAM you will just only be able to get mono sound or if you won't 
>have any sound at all.

NICAM sound is digitally encoded in the dead time between two lines
being sent to the tv screen (line blanking period) - don't know
nuffin' about A2 though.



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