SATCO DX Update 960526

SATCO DX Satellite Chart Update 20-26 May 1996

Astra 1F is now located at 19,2E, has a test carrier on 12,129 V (tp 86)
MTV Europe on Astra 1E: 11,837 H, MPEG-2
PSN - PandaAmerica Shopping Network and WHT - World Harvest TV have left
Intelsat K
BBC Arabic is not analog on Intelsat K any more
WRN 1 in MPEG-2 on Intelsat 707
REE - Radio Exterior de España on Hot Bird 1: 11,224 H has moved from 7,92
to 7,56

Home pages:
TV X - The Fantasy Channel at http://www.television.x.co.uk/
Canal Satellite Numerique at http://www.cplus.fr/html/canalsa/
Canal + Polska at http://www.it.com.pl/canal/
Med TV at http://www.ib.be/med/
M 6 at http://www.m6.fr/
Europe 1 at http://www.europe1.fr/
Europe 2 at http://www.europe2.fr/
P4 - Radio Hele Norge at http://www.p4.no/

The BBC Radio Channels have own home pages: (except Radio 3)
BBC Radio 1 FM on http://www.bbcnc.org.uk/radio/radio1/index.html
BBC Radio 2 on http://www.bbcnc.org.uk/radio/radio2/index.html
BBC Radio 4 on http://www.bbcnc.org.uk/radio/radio4/index.html
BBC Radio 5 Live on http://www.bbcnc.org.uk/radio/radio5/index.html
BBC World Service on http://www.bbcnc.org.uk/worldservice/index.html

SABC Satellite Channel on PAS 4: 12,734 V, PAL

MultiChoice DStv (South African Bouquet) on PAS 4: Ku band, MPEG-2, IRDETO
(The chart has a complete list of all channels and frequencies)

MultiChoice on PAS 4: 3,711/3,743 V, MPEG-2, IRDETO
(The chart has a complete list of all channels)

Home page:
SABC Satellite Channel at http://www.sabc.co.za/TV/index.html

--- ASIA:
2x2 has replaced TVI - TV India on Raduga 30: 3,880 R
ETV - Ennade TV, Hyderabad (India) on Intelsat 704: 4,060 L
NTV has left both GALS 1/2 tps
Kazak TV on Intelsat 510 has teletext some days
ORT 1 on Gorizont 27 has teletext
RTR, Russia on Gorizont 31 has teletext
MFC test card on Insat 2B/2C: 4,126 V

Radio Alma-Ata on Intelsat 510: 11,523 V: 7,50 MHz
WRN 1 in MPEG-2 on Asiasat 2

Galaxy 9 was launched with Delta on 24 May, will be located at 123W
Gorizont 32(?) was launched with Proton on 25 May

Updated info:
Turksat 1C and Arabsat 2A will launch with Ariane V88 on 5 July
GE-1 will launch with Atlas on 20 (or 22) August
Hot Bird 2 will launch with Atlas on 4 September
Loral will launch with Atlas on 18 September
(For additional info on these launches, see the Launch chart)

A new round of the competition will start on Saturday (1 June).

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