SATCO DX Satellite Chart - Updates 15-21 July

SATCO DX Satellite Chart - Updates 15-21 July

Here is a summary of last week's updates to the chart.
More details can be found at http://www.satcodx.com/

It has been a very busy week where several North American
satellites have been updated with new TV channels.

AsiaNet has ceased in PAL on Orion 1: 11,591 H and been replaced
by a test card in NTSC. AsiaNet is now in MPEG-2 on another tp

TCC Nordic and The Discovery Channel have left Intelsat 601: 11,055 H

NTV has moved from GALS 1/2: 11,835 R to 11,766 GHz
and then moved from 11,766 GHz to 11,915 R...

BBC World and 20 DMX channels are now included
in the MPEG-2 package on Hot Bird 1: 11,283 V

EuroSport has a subcarrier on 7,74 MHz in Russian on Hot Bird 1

Several radio updates on Turksat 1B

Radio Sweden on Sirius: 11,938 R, 7,38 MHz,
has a home page at http://www.sr.se/rs/

Cost Cutter FM has started regular programs on
Astra 1D: 10,877 V (tp 60), 7,38 MHz

--- ASIA:
WorldNet/C-SPAN has left on Intelsat 704: 4,010 R,
is now on Intelsat 703: 4,050 R

MTA International has left on Intelsat 704: 3,762 R,
is now on Intelsat 703: 4,178 L

The Discovery Channel has ceased on Intelsat 704: 4,164 R

NEPC TV on Intelsat 703: 4,165 L, PAL

VoA Europe on Intelsat 703: 4,050 R, 7,20 MHz

Updates on Thaicom 1/2:
3,760 V: Army TV Channel 5
3,910 V: TVT Channel 11
3,950 V: VTV 1, Vietnam

CNBC on Rimsat G1: 3,825 L, PAL
RPN, Philippines on Rimsat G2: 3,775 L
Information TV Channel on Rimsat G2: 3,725 L

TVSN - TV Shopping Network started on 19 July
on Asiasat 2: 3,660 V, PAL

P-sat on JCSAT 1: 12,463 H, NTSC, only weekdays
B-TV, Aucnet, Mazda and a test card on JCSAT 1: 12,433 H, NTSC, TDM

All BBC World Service Radio channels have left Asiasat 1

Logotypes for all TV channels on Rimsat G1, Thaicom 1/2,
plus some Indian and Russian channels

Several satellites have been completely updated with
new TV and radio channels, as well as beam information.

Theses satellites have been thoroughly updated this week:
Galaxy 5, G-Star 2, SBS 5, Telstar 303, Morelos 2, Anik E1,
Anik E2, G-Star 1, G-Star 4, Spacenet 4 and Galaxy 4.

New feature:
The US channel numbers are now available to the left
of all North American C band satellite channels.

Other updates:
Addition of all 68 digital channels on Satcom K1 at 85E
(new satellite for the chart)

HTV - Hispano TV on Spacenet 2: 3,780 V (S2-04)
Kentucky Star Educational Network on Spacenet 2: 12,060 H
Chinese Communications Channel on Satcom K2: 11,965 H
The People's Network on Galaxy 7: 12,020 V
Nile TV International on Telstar 401: 11,971 V
Peachstar Educational Network on Telstar 401: 12,093 H

Europlus on Intelsat K: 11,735 H, D2-MAC
Canal Hispavision on Hispasat 1B: 12,015 H, NTSC
TVE Internacional on Hispasat 1A: 12,078 H, NTSC
Canal Sur on Intelsat 705: 3,720 R, NTSC

Classic Sports Network has left Galaxy 7: 12,140 H
and gone digital somewhere

Best Regards,
Christian Lyngemark       - webmaster@satcodx.com
SATCO DX Satellite Chart  - http://www.satcodx.com/

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