SATCO DX Satellite Chart - Updates 29 July - 4 August

SATCO DX Satellite Chart - Updates 29 July - 4 August

Here is a summary of last week's updates to the chart.
More details can be found at http://www.satcodx.com/

--- Headlines:
* The focus this week has been on the North American satellites.
  Almost all of these satellites have been updated with new info.
* Several South American TV channels are now on the chart.
* The first tests from Turksat 1C and Arabsat 2A
* The Sun channels have moved from Rimsat G1/G2 to Intelsat 703

TPS package on Hispasat 1A/1B: 11,683 H, MPEG-2,
see the chart for included channels

TVE Internacional has replaced TVE 1 on Hot Bird 1: 11,224 H,
has a home page at http://www.rtve.es/

APTV on Eutelsat II f1: 12,549 H, MPEG-2
WTN on Eutelsat II f1: 12,558 H, MPEG-2

TM 3 is on Eutelsat II f1: 11,638 H
as well as Hot Bird 1: 11,345 H

Eurotica on Eutelsat II f1 has moved from 11,638 H to 11,055 H

Granada Sky promo has replaced TV 3 Sverige on
Astra 1A: 11,244 H (tp 3), PAL

Nickelodeon Scandinavia (09-15), Sci-Fi Channel (23-03)
and Nova Shop (03-09) have replaced TV 3 Danmark on Astra 1B:
11,612 H (tp 27), D2-MAC, clear (all times CET)
[It seems that Sci-Fi Ch. and Nova Shop already have ceased?]

Sportmania has moved from Astra 1C: 11,009 V (tp 36)
to Astra 1B: 11,686 V (tp 32) and extended transmission times.

Documania has moved from Astra 1B: 11,686 V (tp 32)
to Astra 1C: 11,009 V (tp 36), only in late evening now.

HSN Direct on Astra 1C: 11,097 V (tp 42), PAL, clear, 05-07 CET

NDR 2-4 and N-Joy Radio in ADR on Astra 1B: 11,582 H (tp 25)
NDR 2 has a home page at http://www.ndr2.de/
N-Joy Radio has a home page at http://www.n-joy.de/

Several digital tests in the C band on Arabsat 2A at 26,0E
Several test carriers on Turksat 1C at 31,3E

--- ASIA:
Sun TV, AsiaNet, Australian TV and CNBC have left Rimsat G1
Sun Movies and Money TV have left Rimsat G2

NEPC TV, YES, India TV and The Discovery channel
have left Intelsat 704

CCTV 4 seems to have left PAS 4: 3,865 V

Music Asia has replaced Zee TV on Rimsat G2: 3,675 L, PAL

New TV channels on Intelsat 703: (all in PAL)
3,750 R: Sun Music
3,808 R: Sun Movies
3,930 R: Sun TV
3,980 R: AsiaNet
4,135 L: TVI - TV India

These satellites have been completely updated:
Galaxy 6, SBS 6, Spacenet 2, Intelsat 706 and TDRS 4

Addition of Solidaridad 1 (SD1), 
see the chart for these channels

Updates on Satcom C1:
3,940 V: Prime Sports Alternates
4,000 H: America's Collectables Network,
4,040 H: The Cal Channel
4,060 V: Prime Sports Alternates,
4,120 H: SportsChannel Ohio

Updates on Galaxy 1R:
3,880 H: ESPN 2 Alternate
3,900 V: MSNBC

Updates on Galaxy 9:
3,880 H: ESPN 2 Alternate
3,900 V: MSNBC
4,160 V: The Computer Network

Updates on Telstar 303:
3,840 V: AIN - America Independent Network
4,180 H: XXXPose

Updates on Morelos 2:
3,740 V: XHIMT-TV Canal 7
3,880 H: MTV Latino
4,000 H: Televisión por Cable,
4,140 H: TV Azteca
4,120 V: Multivision (MPEG-2)
4,180 V: XHDF-TV Canal 13

Updates on Anik E2:
3,720 H: CBMT
3,880 H: CBC East
3,920 H: CBFT

Updates on Spacenet 4:
3,740 H: STARZ! 2
3,980 H: America's Lost Children

Updates on Galaxy 4:
4,020 V: CBS West
4,080 H: CBS East
4,100 V: CBS East

Updates on Telstar 401:
3,720 V: Exxxtasy StarNet
3,920 V: ABC
3,940 H: ABC East
3,960 V: Fox Network East
3,980 H: Fox Network West

Updates on Galaxy 3R:
3,920 H: Kelly Broadcasting
3,940 V: Space Connection

Updates on Telstar 402R:
3,900 H: Cupid TV
3,960 V: Fox West
3,980 H: TV Land
4,080 H: Channel America

Updates on Telstar 302:
3,760 V: Virginia State Educ. Network
3,840 V: Turner Vision Promo Channel,
4,040 V: TV Erotica PPV
4,080 V: American Collectibles Network

Updates on Galaxy 6:
4,040 H: Madison Square Garden 2
4,060 V: Merchandise Entertainment TV

Updates on Spacenet 2:
3,780 V: Canal Sur
4,140 V: Prime Sports Alternate
4,180 V: SportsChannel New York Plus
12,002 H: Kentucky Star 9
12,038 H: Kentucky Star 10

COPE on Galaxy 7: 11,720 V, NTSC

Addition of Nahuelsat C1 at 71,8W,
see the chart for these channels

A complete update on PAS 1 with
a lot of South American TV channels

EDTV Dubai on Intelsat K: 11,915 V
Venezolana TV on Intelsat 601: 3,800 L, PAL
TV Boliviana 7 on Intelsat 705: 4,140 R, NTSC
HTV - Hispano TV on Intelsat 705: 3,740 R, NTSC
ATC - Argentina Televisora Color on Intelsat 706: 4,150 L, PAL

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