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International Satellite Broadcasting News
Number 78, Week ending 19 November 1995
By Martyn Williams
News Desk : Internet martyn@twics.com  or CompuServe CIS:martynw
(c) TELE-satellit Magazine

Don Fitzpatrick, Shoptalk
  LOS ANGELES, USA (SHOPTALK) -- CNN Business News executive Lou Dobbs 
met with Ted Turner last week to prepare for its head-to-head battle 
for business news with CNBC's Roger Ailes.
  Turner's cable network will launch CNN Financial Network Dec. 29 
despite expert opinions that there's not enough demand for business 
news to create a network nor enough advertising dollars to support it.  
  CNNfn will be the eighth cable network launched by Turner 
Broadcasting Systems and will go up against not only CNBC but 
Bloomberg News and Dow Jones in the field of business journalism.

  LONDON, England (TS) -- Making itself the laughing stock of Europe 
again, the British Government said last week they will ban reception 
of XXX TV, because of the channel's programming which is nothing but 
"a pornographic diet of degradation."
  In around two weeks it will become illegal to sell cards for 
reception of "TV Erotica - XXX TV". Around 8,000 Britons receive the 
service already according to estimates. The ban has been approved by 
the EU under it's internal market television legislation.
  The UK took similar action in 1992 against Red Hot Dutch, a 
Netherlands, and later Denmark, based hard core porn channel and is 
also understood to be looking into banning Rendez Vous TV.

Jean Phillipe Donnio, TS Paris
  PARIS, France (TS) -- The GALS-2 satellite was launched early Friday 
evening. GALS-2, as GALS-1, are owned by a Chinese company called the 
Land Group. 
  GALS-2 will be leased for $9 million a year to the Global DBS 
Company, whose shareholders include the Loral Corp, General Instrument 
Co and TCI Cable TV Co, all of the United States, and British General 
Telecommunications Ltd/Asian TV network.
  The Gals satellites are intended for direct broadcasting. Equipped 
with only 3 transponders, their coverage is provided by 2 narrow beams 
with up to 57 dBW signals. Lifetime of the birds is 5 to 7 years. 
  GALS-1 is located at 71 deg East. GALS-2's position is currently 
unknown nut could be sent to any of the 17 slots reserved for GALS 
satellites at the ITU.

  WASHINGTON, USA (ARIANE) -- On November 16, 1995, Arianespace 
successfully placed into orbit the European Space Agency's ISO 
scientific satellite.
  The launch from the Space center in Kourou, French Guiana, was 
carried out by an ARIANE 44P, which is equipped with four solid- 
propellant-strap-on boosters. Liftoff took place on Thursday, Nov. 16, 
1995 at: 2220 Kourou time, 2020 EST, 0220 CET Friday.
  Commenting on this tenth successful launch of the year, Arianespace
Secretary General Francoise Bouzitat said, "Arianespace is 
particularly proud of its contribution to this evening's successful 
launch, since this flight marks a new step forward in our 
understanding of the universe.  
  We applaud this achievement by the European Space Agency, whose 
scientific program is a fundamental part of its overall activities.  
The launch of ISO marks yet another milestone in the long line of 
major research and observation satellites placed into orbit by the 
European launcher."
  The next launch, Flight 81, is scheduled for December 7.  An ARIANE 
44L launch vehicle will be used to place two telecommunications 
satellites into geostationary transfer orbit:  Telecom 2C for France 
Telecom, and Insat 2C for the Indian Space Research Organization 
  Following Flight 80, Arianespace backlog now stands at 36 satellites 
to be launched.

  NEW YORK, USA (ECHOSTAR) -- EchoStar Communications Corp. said 
Thursday it has shipped EchoStar-I, its first direct broadcast 
satellite (DBS), to China. 
  The Lockheed-Martin Series 7000 satellite is scheduled to travel 
from Lockheed Martin AstroSpace in New Jersey to Philadelphia, then to 
Alaska, across the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia, into Shanghai and 
then to the  launch site at Xichang.
  It is currently scheduled for launch by China Great Wall Industry 
Corp. in late December.  With the successful launch of EchoStar-I, 
EchoStar's DISH (Digital Sky Highway) Television Network is slated to 
begin broadcasting early next year.
  "Assuming, among other things, that AsiaSat-2 successfully launches 
in its announced Nov. 28 launch window, China Great Wall has 
tentatively scheduled EchoStar-I for launch Dec. 28," said Charles 
Ergen, chairman and chief executive officer of EchoStar. "This is one 
of the greatest milestones in our company's history, and it's exciting 
to be this close to realization of the goal we've all worked so long 
and hard to achieve.
  "We have licensed all major programming slated for EchoStar-I, 
demonstrated our capability to broadcast from our state-of-the-art 
uplink center."

Nathan Kopel - International Radio Monitors (Australia)
- 3935 MHz, Horiz., 6.20 Mhz - Thursday 16.11.95 has been a busy day 
for Pas 2 transponders. Broadcasts from the APEC Summit at Osaka 
continued on 3935 Horiz.with both Reuters test patterns and video news 
coverage being observed. CNBC Asia are taking feeds from Osaka for 
their news coverage of the Summit.
- 3905 MHz, Horiz., 6.20 Mhz - At around 04.00  UTC, NBA Basketball 
(Denver Vs Phoenix) from TBS was noted, followed by some video of 
Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers. (Hart to Hart?) A PAS-2 Sylmar, 
CA. test pattern appeared at around 05.20 UTC.
- 3995 MHz, Vert., 6.20 Mhz - CNN International Newsource feeds are 
still present on the above frequency with txs at various times.

  LONDON, England (TS) -- CNN International pulled last Friday's 
edition of Larry King Live from screens to show a re-run. In the 
United States the program featured special edition on the 1996 US 
presidential election.
  TELE-satellit is unaware of the reason why this was not shown 
worldwide, as is usually the case.

Stefan Krause, OMRI Inc.
  SOFIA, Bulgaria (OMRI) -- An investigation has been launched into 
the activities of Ivan Granitski, director-general of Bulgarian 
National TV, Demokratsiya reported on 11 November.
  The Union of Democratic Forces has accused Granitski of repeatedly 
denying its representatives access to air time and has asked that he 
be suspended. 
  Deputy Prosecutor-General Vladislav Spasov confirmed that an 
investigation has begun, saying there is already enough material to 
prove Granitski violated the provisional statute on the state-run 
media. Granitski could be dismissed legal proceedings get under way. 
If convicted, he would face up to five years in prison.


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