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A new version of The Satellite's Encyclopedia was released today. TSE, the
electronic encyclopedia devoted to satellite, is revised every three months
to remain the global reference in satellite technology.

With over 3000 pages The Satellite's Encyclopedia provides information on
1700 satellites classified by country, mission, program, launch vehicle,
etc. As a growing reference TSE has focused on telecommunication satellites;
every GEO telecommunication satellite is detailed, 245 EIRP footprints are
included and geostationary satellites are summarized in a large chart.

With this release The Satellite's Encyclopedia enters a new era, adding a
WWW version to the present Winhelp edition which already enabled any
Windows-based PC to view the file. The HTML version computed from the
Winhelp edition withdraws the platform barrier, enabling numerous scientists
to access the data. The WWW version will also ease the inclusion of color
photographs and graphics.

TSE Online is located at http://www.TELE-satellit.com/tse/online/
2000 pages are available for free to the Internet community; the remaining
pages require a subscription to be accessed, which is provided without
additional fee with the standard TSE subscription.

The publisher's intention is not to stop the Winhelp version which is easier
to use for intensive work as the full document is located on the local hard
disk. The WWW version is a complement to the original version providing new
functionalities such as more frequent updates.

TSE is written by a team of specialists with the help of contributors around
the world. Corporate contributions are on the extend as TSE reaches an
important part of their current and potential clients. TSE online will also
be an excellent place to advertise in!

Tag's Broadcasting Services will attend the Cable & Satellite London
exhibition next week.

The Satellite's Encyclopedia home page is located at:
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