TS News - China To Launch Launch Apstar 1A

TELE-satellit News, 2 July 1996

China To Launch Launch Apstar 1A
  XICHANG, Sichuan, China, 96/07/02 (TS) -- Hughes Space and Communications
said today that a Chinese Long March 3 rocket will launch the new Apstar 1A
satellite, buit by Hughes, Wednesday.

  The satellite, Apstar 1A, is owned by APT Satellite of Hong Kong and will
launch here at 6:46pm Beijing  time (3:46am PDT, 1046 GMT). The rocket will
carry the satellite about 20 minutes to a parking orbit, after which the
spacecraft's own solid and liquid fuel rocket motors will be used to
position it 22,300 miles (36,000 km) above the equator.
  Apstar 1A, is a Hughes HS 376 model, and will carry general communications
traffic such as voice, data and television signals  across China, Hong Kong,
Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam and  India. The Apstar 1A includes
coverage for India that was not  available on the Apstar 1 satellite, built
by Hughes and launched July 21, 1994.

  The communications payload includes 24 active transponders (with six
spares), operating in the C-band (6/4 GHz) and extended C-band (3.6 GHz)
frequency ranges. It uses 15-watt traveling-wave tube  amplifiers.  Each of
four channels has 72 MHz of bandwidth, and the remaining 20 each have 36 MHz
capacity. Radiated power over China  averages 35 dBW.

  Hughes will provide APT with launch support services for the  mission.
The company also upgraded APT's satellite control facility in the Tai Po
region of Hong Kong. The center is similar to more than 20 other facilities
built by Hughes for customers around the world.

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