TS News - Telesat Canada Announces DBS Deal

TELE-satellit News, 3 July 1996

Telesat Canada Announces DBS Deal
  OTTAWA, Canada, 96/06/03 (TS) -- Telesat, Canada's national satellite
operator, announced Tuesday it will launch two satellites to broadcast DBS
satellite services to the US and Canada from early 1998.

  Of the 32 transponders to be available on the new satellites, 22 have been
leased by US company TelQuest Ventures with the other 10 expected to go to
an unidentified Canadian operator.

  The Canadian company is tipped to be Expressvu which was dealt a serious
blow when a technical failure onboard Telesat's Anik E1 caused hald the
satellite to be taken out of service. Expressvu had leases on the satellite
that it had to give up in the event of, presumed rare, technical faults.

  A Canadian affiliate of DirecTV, Power DirecTV, is also interested in
getting into the Canadian DBS market and could be part of a deal with the

  "The future of the satellite business is international, and this is
another step on Telesat's path to becoming a provider of satellite
facilities right across North America," said Larry Boisvert, president of

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