TS News Digest List

Thanks for all the messages regarding the new look TS-News. It seems most of
you like it although some are worried about getting so much mail. For you we
have a solution.

There are now two lists:


ts-news is the usual distribution list. If you are subscribed to this list
you'll get the news every time a story is sent out.

ts-news-digest stores the messages that are sent out and makes them into one
large message. This is sent to subscribers when the size reaches around 20k.
This should result in one message about every day at current volume.

If you want to transfer from ts-news to ts-news-digest you'll need to send a
"subscribe ts-news-digest" message to listserver@tele-satellit.com. You'll
also need to send an "unsubscribe ts-news" message to the same address.

To jump from the digest to the standard list send a "subscribe ts-news"
message, then an "unsubscribe ts-news-digest" message to

If you have any questions, requests or comments regarding TS-News please
email them to martyn@twics.com. We also love to get your news reports!


(c)TELE-satellit 1996. All rights reserved.

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