TS News - Launches This Week

TELE-satellit News, 9 July 1996

Launches This Week
  BOSTON, Massachusetts, USA, 96/07/08 (TS) -- Two launches are scheduled
for this week which may be of interest.

  Arianespace Flight 89 is due to launch Arabsat 2A and Turksat 1C aboard an
Ariane 44L rocket on July 9th, during a window running from 2140 - 2246 UTC
(5:40pm to 6:46pm EDT)  Coverage of this launch is scheduled to begin about
one-half hour in advance of the window opening, and will be on Galaxy 9/01,
with an originating feed on Telecom IIB. 

  If Hurricane Bertha doesn't overrun Florida, on July 10th the Air Force
will attempt to launch the Navstar Global Positioning GPS-10 satellite from
Cape Canaveral aboard a Delta 2 rocket.  The launch window is from 0111 to
0138 UTC Thursday (9:11pm to 9:38pm EDT Wednesday).  There may be coverage

  By: Curt Swinehart

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