TS News - Discovery Announces Digital For Asia

TELE-satellit News, 9 July 1996

Discovery Announces Digital For Asia
  NEW YORK, New York, USA, 96/07/08 (TS) -- The Discovery Channel has
announced it is to begin broadcasting a digital service for Asia using
Scientific-Atlanta's PowerVu digital video compression system. The new
service will immediately allow Discovery to expand in the Asia Pacific region.

  Using the new system, from its Singapore base, the channel will begin to
offer customized and localized programming and advertising to Asian
countries. Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, New
Zealand, Australia, and Southeast Asia will receive broadcasts from the
digital system.

  The new PowerVu equipment will be installed at the Asia Broadcast Centre
in Singapore where Scientific- Atlanta was a key supplier of 9-meter
antennas and electronic equipment. Digital compression will replace a
Scientific-Atlanta B-MAC analog transmission system now delivering Discovery
Channel programming.

  The channel will also employ subscriber access features, such as blackout
control, which can switch off reception to non paying cutomers or entire
regions because of distribution rights restrictions. This means Discovery
will be able to bring newer and better programming to the region.

  Using the new system, the network will be able to provide service to
countries using either the PAL or NTSC standards via the PanAmSat 2 service.

  Discovery Channel will also have the opportunity to include more locally
produced programming for countries or regions and customize its network
feeds for greater advertising opportunities. Another PowerVu feature of
importance to the regional broadcasts is support for a flexible subtitling
capability. Several countries can receive the same video program accompanied
by a language-specific subtitling signal that customizes it for each country.

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