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TELE-satellit News, 11 July 1996

Transponder News

ASTRA 1A-1F, 19.2E
- N3 has ceased tv-sound on the sub-carrier 6.50 MHz, channel 11.582 
Ghz h. According NDR, five NDR radio stations will begin broadcasting in ADR
digital radio format from August 1st. N3 tv-sound comes now only in stereo
on 7.02/7.20 MHz. The mono-sound was back during the weekend - until monday.
(Stefan Hagedorn)

INTELSAT 512, 21.3W
- First life signs of the Atlanta Olympics appeared on satellite last night.
Three NTSC-525 signals showed up on INTELSAT 512 (21.3W) in the C-band at
around 2:30 am. Two half-transponders with left-hand circular polarisation
were used on the NE zone beam, and a right-hand one on the global beam (4090
GHz). Signal strength varied while transponder adjustments were carried out.
(Juergen Stichler)

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