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TELE-satellit News, 15 July 1996

Transponder News

- 3sat has begun a new TV section on page 330. You can find listings for
DRS, CH-4, ARD, ZDF, 3Sat, ORF 1, ORF 2, RTL, SAT 1, Pro Sieben, RTL 2,
ARTE, RAI 2, F2 TSI, TSR and Vox.
- SWF 3's Radio Text is now also available on teletext via page 455 of
Sudwest Text. It will tell you details of the current song playing and page
456 gives details of the current program and presenter.

Intelsat 512, 21.4W - 3.886, EBU Multi 2 Atlanta IBC
Intelsat 512, 21.4W - 3.930, ZDF
Intelsat 512, 21.4W - 4.054, BBC Atlanta
Intelsat 512, 21.4W - 4.139 l,
Intelsat 512, 21.4W - 4.138 r,
Hispasat 1, 30.0W - 11.498 h, 
Hispasat 1, 30.0W - 11.539 h, 
Hispasat 1, 30.0W - 12.148 l, ZDF "European Widescreen 16:9"

- A lot of test-transmissions to the German DF 1 digital-package have been
noted on 12.692 Ghz h, 12.592 Ghz v and 12.658 Ghz h. On the midday it was
broadcasting the free practice to the Formula 1 Grand Prix with many numbers
of camera-positions. DF 1 (Digitales Fernsehen 1) will start on July28 for
Germany. Another sport-feed for DSF I found on 12.592 Ghz v. (Stefan Hagedorn)

ASTRA 1 A-F, 19.2E
- Sky Sports 3 will launch in the next time on the former Kinnevik- channel
11.671 Ghz h. The source for this announcement is very dependable. Sky
Sports 3 comes, as usual, in videocrypt. Start is in the middle of August
1996.  Currently you can seen a promo-trailer by Sky television on 11.671
Ghz h. (Stefan Hagedorn)
- On the sound-carrier 7.38 MHz by Sky Movies Gold, 10.877 Ghz v, comes a
brand-new analogue radio-station. Station calling "Cost Cutters Satellite
Radio" broadcast currently a nonstop music-programm including a lot of
trailers about Cost Cutters. On the moment you receive test transmissions
only for the new store-radio, for further details listen the programm.
(Stefan Hagedorn)

- According Jean-Gerard Hemmer, here now the dates for Business TV Network
on 11.163 Ghz h: "The Business TV Network Test Dates for July are: Monday
15th July 10000-1100  Monday 22nd July 1000-1100 Monday 29th July 1000-1100"

AMOS 1, 4.0W
- First live-feed were visible on the Eastern-european beam on channel
11.305 Ghz h. From at least 3.40 pm. until 5.50 pm, a horse jumping event
broadcasted live from Hungary in SECAM, audio at  6.60/7.02 MHz. The return
of the usual AMOS 1 testcard was around 6 pm. Thanks for the report also,
Jean-Gerard Hemmer. (Stefan Hagedorn)

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