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TELE-satellit News, 19 July 1996


From Denmark, Alan Firth asks: 
1. Why do BBC broadcast 'BBC Prime' and 'BBC World' from 2 different
satellites, at very different positions (obviating the 'dual-feed'
possibility), in Western Europe (13 degress East and 27 degrees West)?
Surely viewing figures would be increased if both channels were broadcast
from the same satellite source.

2. I have heard recently that it is now legal & acceptable (by Sky) for
non-UK residents to become a Sky subscriber. Is this, in fact, correct?

If you know, please email us! If you have any questions please also email!

Transponder News,

- According to John Locker and John Hockenhull, the transmissions from this
position are transponder 12.542 Ghz v (middle-frequency); bandwith 72 MHz.
The satellite is Eutelsat I-F4, a "oldie" on the orbit with a lot of
defective channels. Jean-Gerard Hemmer receive around 9.00 CET daily
black-screens around 12.513 Ghz v.

ASTRA 1A-1F, 19.2E
- Until the last night have been noted a black-card without sound on
transponder 10.892 Ghz h. During the last weeks ago I receive a lot of
test-transmissions for this channel. In the next time probably will be
starting another BSkyB-channel (for UK and Ireland only) on the last "free"
channel by ASTRA 1 D.
- Cost Cutter FM comes now regular on the sub-carrier 7.38 Mhz, 10.877 Ghz v
(Sky Movies Gold). It's another store-radio for the UK - musik and short
advertising-break. On the end of the last week I received test's by Cost

- After a absence during the last few days - ICTY TV/Internews is back on
transponder 11.638 Ghz h. The channel is broadcast live from the
International war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in Den Haag.

INTELSAT 601, 27.5W
- The end of an era on this satellite. The Childrens Channel/Discovery
Channel is no longer available on transponder 11.054 Ghz h. According to
Neil Robinson, a testcard without a insert is on the former analogue
frequency. TCC has been here for years and years.

- Around the clock you can seen testcards from Atlanta for TVE Spain on
11.498 Ghz h and 11.539 Ghz h in NTSC.

INTELSAT 603, 34.5W
- First test-transmission for ARD/ZDF from Atlanta have been noted in the
afternoon on 11.638 Ghz v. Approximately around the clock comes a testcard
"Atlanta for Germany".

ORION 1, 37.5W
- Asianet has stopped analogue service on transponder 11.588 Ghz h. Neil
Robinson told me, already 18.35 CET there was no signal available. The end
of the analogue transmission was announced for the 1996. The search for this
satellite is'nt easy after the end of the one and only regular signal.
- According to Jean-Gerard Hemmer, circa 21.00 CET reported from Atlanta for
Canal + Espana on the former frequency by Asianet.
- More feeds to the Olypmic Games in Atlanta in brief: SVT Sweden will
broadcast on 12.686 Ghz h; NBC America comes on 12.651 Ghz h with a lot of
reports to the last Olypmpic Games and the future of this event - all that
always in NTSC. Other feeds I receive on 12.586 Ghz v - but I can't say the
name of the client (most without sound).
- A lot of feeds from Atlanta 1996 (test's for the Olympic Games) you can
seen currency on 12.668 Ghz h and 12.586 Ghz v (in NTSC) and 12.651 Ghz h
too - it's for SVT Sweden.

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