TS News - Bulgaria Parliament Passes Media Law

TELE-satellit News, 20 July 1996

Bulgaria Parliament Passes Media Law
  SOFIA, Bulgaira, 96/07/20 (OMRI) -- Following debates over the past six
years, the parliament on 18 July passed a controversial media law, Bulgarian
media reported. The law provides for a National Radio and TV Council to
oversee media operations and elect the directors-general of state radio and TV.

  Seven members will be appointed by the parliament and two each by the
president and the government. Political parties, trade unions, religious
groups, and non-profit organizations are not permitted to broadcast their
own radio and TV programs, but political parties in the parliament will have
the right to two monthly nationwide five-minute addresses on state media.

  TV and radio stations can be run by Bulgarian citizens, legal entities
registered in Bulgaria under the commercial law, city councils,
universities, or foreign broadcasters meeting the requirements of the new
media law. One such requirements is that they incorporate themselves in

  By: Stefan Krause
  Source: OMRI, Inc. http://www.omri.cz/ 

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