TS News - Crackdown On Georgian TV Station

TELE-satellit News, 25 July 1996

Crackdown On Georgian TV Station
  TBLISI, Georgia, 96/07/25 (OMRI) --  The management of the private
Georgian TV station Rustavi-2, which has an estimated audience of 300,000
people, continues to protest the station's closure by the Georgian
authorities on 17 July, allegedly because the station's charter did not
allow it to broadcast on a TV frequency.

  The station's management has produced documentation proving that it
received the appropriate license from the Ministry of Communications, and
claims the crackdown was initiated by unspecified forces seeking to sabotage
the process of democratization in Georgia, Radio Rossii reported on 23 July.

  By: Liz Fuller
  Source: OMRI, Inc. http://www.omri.cz/ 

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