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TELE-satellit News, 30 July 1996

Digital News Exchange On Eutelsat
  PARIS, France, 96/07/29 (Sat-ND) -- Transponder 45 on Eutelsat II-F3
(16E) is no longer used for analogue transmissions. It is leased by the
members of the ENEX consortium (European News EXchange).

  It consists of SKY (UK), CBS (USA), RTL (Germany), VTM (Belgium), ANTENNA
(Spain), NOVA (Poland,) and TBS (Japan). Since July 1, the 36 MHz
transponder is divided into 4 digital video slots (8 MHz bandwidth) and 18
SCPC-carriers (200 kHz bandwidth maximum). The video slots' centre
frequencies are 12528.166 MHz, 12538.166 MHz, 12546.166 MHz and 12556.166
MHz. So from now on you can find up to four news or sports feeds
simultaneously on this transponder, should you happen to have a professional
digital receiver in your possession. Transmissions are in standard MPEG2 at
6 Mbit/s.

  By: Jan Melis
  Source: Sat-ND

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