TS News - Cecchi Gori Joins Telepiu Package

TELE-satellit News, 5 August 1996

Cecchi Gori Joins Telepiu Package
  ROME, Italy, 96/08/05 (SATELLIT TV VIDEO) -- Italian media companies
Telepiu and Gruppo Cecchi Gori have signed a long-term agreement for
distribution of TV channels in the DSTV digital package and movies for PPV
and NVOD. The first effects of this agreement will be seen in September when
the TV channels of Gruppo Cecchi Gori (TMC, TMC2 and Videomusic) will join
Telepiu DSTV package which has been broadcasting from January via the
Eutelsat Hot Bird 1 satellite.

  All three channels will be offered free to subscribers to the DSTV
package. All future thematic channels of Gruppo Cecchi Gori will be
transmitted from 1998 as part of this package.

  Telepiu DSTV currently offers two subscription packages to its
subscribers. "First Choice" includes six leading channels - BBC World,
Cartoon Network, CNN International, Discovery Channel, MTV Europe and 20
audio DMX services for a total price of 20,000 lira a month. The second
package, "Premium", besides allowing access to thematic channels, offers
subscribers the three Telepiu pay-TV channels for 57,000 lira a month. 

  By: Branislav Pekic
  Source: Satellit TV Video, Belgrade

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