TS News - Canadian Freedom Of Choice Draws More Members

TELE-satellit News, 13 August 1996

Canadian Freedom Of Choice Draws More Members
  SURREY, British Columbia, Canada, 96/07/13 (TS) -- NII Norsat
International has become the latest company to join the "Freedom Of Choice"
satellite coalition. The group is an alliance in the process of being formed
of Canadian retailers and satellite distributors committed to upholding the
right of consumers to purchase DirecTV satellite receiving equipment in Canada.

  The "Freedom of Choice" coalition was established to share the expense and
work involved in challenging a legal action launched by ExpressVu Inc.,
Allarcom Pay Television Limited, The Family Channel Inc. and TMN Networks
Inc., which is attempting to halt the sale of DirecTV to Canadian consumers.

  "After considerable legal review and consultation, it is clear that in
selling or purchasing DBS equipment in Canada, no company or individual is
in contravention of any act, law or statute as is alleged by the so-called
anti-satellite group pursuing this action to the detriment of the Canadian
public," pronounced John Anderson, president and CEO of Norsat.

  "This legal suit is frivolous, has no basis in fact and is intended to
intimidate competitive businesses and spread fear among consumers simply
seeking broadcast entertainment alternatives," he added.

  Chief movers in the lawsuit are ExpressVu, the Canadian DBS service, which
wants to stop viewers from buying units for the US based DirecTV service.
Many Canadians view the American offering as more exciting and prefer to
subscribe to it, thus meaning ExpressVu must fight harder for viewers.

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