TS News - Nigerian Satellite TV Channel Plans Launch

TELE-satellit News, 4 September 1996

Nigerian Satellite TV Channel Plans Launch
  LAGOS, Nigeria, 96/09/04 (Sat-ND) -- A Nigerian company will by the end of
the year launch its world-wide television channel that has been announced
for some years. Following the deregulation of Nigerian broadcast media in
1991, licenses for commercial TV and radio stations were issued. But it
proved difficult to even set up a commercial radio station.

  The first started just two years ago, broadcasting on FM to the Lagos area
and parts of neighbouring countries. Ray Power 100, owned by the Daar
Communications Company of multi-millionaire Raymond Dokpesi, is also the
owner of "Africa Independent Television (AIT)," as the satellite channel
will probably be known.

  Marking their second on-air anniversary, Ray Power directors announced
yesterday that their TV channel will begin operations before the end of the
1996. That, of course, does not mean it will instantaneously be receivable
all over the world. Instead, it will likely distributed to Africa at first.

  By: Peter Klanowski
  Source: Sat-ND

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