TS News - MSNBC Plans 1997 Europe Launch

TELE-satellit News, 6 September 1996

MSNBC Plans 1997 Europe Launch
  LONDON, England, 96/09/06 (TS) -- NBC Europe announced earlier this week
that its new MSNBC channel will launch in Europe next year. Before the full
launch, two of the channel's programs, Internight and The Site, will be
broadcast on NBC Super Channel.

  Roger Ogden, president and managing director of NBC Europe, told a news
conference that distribution was the most pressing problem facing the
channel, ahead of European programming. He said analog capacity is tight but
the service hopes to have between four and five million homes at launch.

  NBC Europe counts the largest number of European homes of any channel with
its NBC Super Channel service. The pan-European entertainment broadcaster,
one of Europe's oldest cable channels, counts 70 million homes as its
audience. It was bought by NBC in 1993.

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