TS News - SABC Satellite Venture Gets Go-Ahead

TELE-satellit News, 8 September 1996

SABC Satellite Venture Gets Go-Ahead
  JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 96/09/08 (TS) -- The board of the South
African Broadcasting Corporation has given the go-ahead for a new
eight-channel satellite TV service, Astrasat. The service will begin before
the end of the year and be free until March next year when it becomes pay TV.

  Six of the channels will be new and the remaining two services will be
SABC Two and SABC Three. Three free channels, SABC One and two new services,
will be available from next year when PanAmSat's PAS-7 satellite is
launched. A total of 13 channels will eventually be available from PAS-7 in
addition to all of the SABC's radio networks.

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