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Dear Readers,

This is to advise that the news service will re-start this weekend with some
current news and some of the stories we have missed in the last two weeks.

Many thanks to all who sent best wishes for my holidays. I really enjoyed
them and am now fully charged for the next 50 weeks until my vacation next
year! Some mentioned they thought the service was produced by a team of
people and not just me. This is true, we have some writers who contribute
but we want you all to! Especially if you work at a company in the industry
or see something satellite related in your local newspaper or TV, we would
like to receive your news.

There will be a higher than usual volume of mail over the next few days
while the back log is cleared and this usually leads to several readers
unsubscribing. If you find the volume too much you can subscribe to our
digest list which groups together messages and sends out a single file once
it reaches 40k of mail. To subscribe to this service send an "unsubscribe
ts-news" message and then a "subscribe ts-news-digest" message to

Martyn Williams

(c)TELE-satellit 1996. All rights reserved.

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