TS News - European Cable Deals Signed

TELE-satellit News, 5 October 1996

European Cable Deals Signed
  LONDON, England 96/10/05 (TS) -- Two major deals have just been signed in
Europe. In the first Granada Sky Broadcasting (GSkyB) has agreed with
Telewest, the UK's largest MSO, for carraige of all its seven new channels
on the company's networks.

  The first channel to make an appearance was Granada Plus which went on the
network October 1, just after launch. The other six channels debuted today,
October 5.

  To make way for Granada Plus, Telewest dropped BET on Jazz. Other networks
through vulnerable as English language channels expand, are Italy's RAI and
Spain's TVE. Reports suggest Deutsche Welle, of Germany, and TV5 Europe, a
French language joint program, will end up sharing a channel.

  Across the sea on mainland Europe, the Sci-Fi Channel is continuing to
gain viewers to its 24 hour a day science fiction line-up. The channel will
join the Via Sat package in Nordic nations in a package with VH-1 and

  It will also gain carriage on Svenska Kabel, Sweden On-Line, Norkabel
(Norway) and A2000 in Amsterdam. Some Swedish and Dutch subtitling is
expected for the network now.

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