TS News - Intelsat Opens New Monitoring Stations

TELE-satellit News, 13 October 1996

Intelsat Opens New Monitoring Stations
  WASHINGTON, DC, USA, 96/10/13 (TS) -- Intelsat has opened two new
monitoring sites in the Southern Hemisphere, needed to monitor transmissions
on new satellites. The stations are in Bosque Alegre, Argentina, and in
Pretoria, South Africa.

  With the two new stations, Intelsat has more than 40 antennas at 13
locations around the world. The new sites will be used in conjunction with
the organization's new Communications System Monitoring (CSM) equipment to
monitor satellite and customer traffic performance in the Southern
hemispheres of both the Atlantic and Indian Ocean Regions.

  "The Bosque Alegre site will enable us for the first time to directly
monitor service quality on the Intelsat 705 and the 706 satellites," said
Dolores Martos, Intelsat's Group Director for Latin America. "These
monitoring facilities will help further enhance our service in the southern
cone of Latin America, where most of our customers in the region are located."

  The 705 and 706 satellites provide C-band and Ku-band services primarily
to the Mercosur countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay).

  Each of the sites has initially an 11-meter C-band antenna remotely
steerable from the INTELSAT Operations Centre (IOC), in Washington, DC.
Later this year, a second steerable antenna for monitoring Ku-band services
will be added to the Bosque Alegre site.

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