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TELE-satellit News, 27 October 1996

Sat Nordic News
  STOCKHOLM, Sweden, 96/10/27 (SatNordic) -- This is a selection of news
from the Nordic region taken from TELE-satellit's Sat-Nordic mailing list.

  The Sci-Fi channel has started broadcasts from TV SAT 2 at 0,6 degree
west. This means that the channel will be a lot easier to receive with
smaller dishes. According to Peder Rammel at Viasat, was this move needed,
since just a smaller group can receive the Sci-Fi channel from Tele-X. The
Sci-Fi channel will not be included in the CTV package (CNN, Discovery,
Eurosport Nordic, MTV and TCC) instead it will be included in an own new
package along with Nickelodeon and VH-1. Peder Rammel continues and tells me
that they have plans to include more channels in this new packade but they
wonīt rent any new transponders for the moment, instead theīll start to use
the sparetime already avaliable on their transponders.

  The Norwegian satellite Thor 2A is scheduled to be launched on Febuary 22
1997. It will be equiped with 15 transponders which will be broadcasting
between 11,200 and 11,450 GHz. In contrast to Thor 1 will the Thor 2A
broadcasts be linear. The new Thor satellite will be placed at the same
position as Thor 1 , 0,8 degree west.

  The swedish comercial terrestrial television TV 4 presented itīs annual
report for the first nine months last friday. The result shows a loss by
$5,8 million. The total income the first nine months were in $159,29 million
compared with $163,9 million last year. The TV 4 groups liquid assets has
been reduced by 58,6 million since the turn of the year. The reduction is
explained by the payment of 13,1 million that TV 4 had to make to the Media
company AirTime. Futhermore reasons are the investment of 10,7 million in
the new TV house and the increase of programs in stock which has costed TV 4
11,3 million.

  The total television audience measurement rating has been increased by 4,7
percent compared with the same period last year. Kanal 5 seems to be the big
winner this year while SVT 2 and TV 4 has lost some audience. On the other
hand did TV 4 increase itīs viewing hours. The complete press release is
availible in Swedish at the following adress:
http://www.tv4.se/btb/press/pressinfo/releaser/961025delarsrapp.html . You
can also contact TV 4 for further information: The number to the telephone
exchange is +46 8 459 40 00

  By: Richard Karlsson, richard@gotlandica.se
  Source: Sat-Nordic

(c)TELE-satellit 1996. All rights reserved.

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