TS News - Sports Joins The News Game

TELE-satellit News, 5 November 1996

Sports Joins The News Game
  SAN FRANCISCO, California, USA, 96/11/04 (SHOPTALK) -- Two new cable
sports channels hit television screens last week, joining the
already-crowded field of competitors in the sports channel biz.

  ESPNews rolled its service out to 1.5 million subscribers initially  and
Fox Sports Net to more than 20 million.  In addition, by mid December Time
Warner Inc., which owns Cable News Network and Sports Illustrated magazine,
will launch CNN/SI, drawing on the resources of both media outlets.

  Each network hopes to draw young male audiences, but face an uphill battle
given the scarcity of channel space on most cable systems...not to mention
the fact that many viewers feel there are already too many sporting events
on television.

  By: Don Fitzpatrick
  Source: Shoptalk

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