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TELE-satellit News, 9 November 1996

BBC World On PAS-3
  LONDON, England, 96/11/05 (TS) -- BBC Worldwide Television has completed
its global distribution network over multiple PanAmSat satellites with the
addition of Latin America coverage on the PAS-3 Atlantic Ocean Region
satellite.  BBC World's digital video service transmits directly from London
for distribution throughout Latin America, which offers a potential audience
of roughly 12 million cable and MMDS households.

  BBC World, a service of BBC Worldwide Television, features a mixture of
news, information and cultural programming. The channel is available to some
45 million households in 156 countries and territories around the world.

  It is already transmitted over the PAS-4 Indian Ocean Region satellite for
reception in south Asia and over the PAS-2 Pacific Ocean Region satellite to
viewers throughout the Asia-Pacific Region. The Latin America service is
uplinked in Ku-band from London to the PAS-3 Atlantic Ocean Region
satellite, which then transmits the channel over the PAS-3 C-band Pan
American beam.  

  "For the third time, BBC World has turned to PanAmSat for quality
satellite services, this time into the Latin American region,"  said David
P.  Berman, PanAmSat's senior vice president, broadcast services.  "By
joining the PAS-3 lineup, BBC World not only becomes available to most of
the region's cable households, but truly lives up to its name by
broadcasting news and information from around the world, around the world."

  The PAS-3 satellite, which was launched in January 1996, contains 16
C-band and 16 Ku-band transponders and provides extensive coverage of the
Americas, Europe and Africa. The satellite delivers more than 20 full-time
television channels to Latin America for programmers based in the United
States, Latin America, Europe and Asia.  In addition, the partnership of
Globo, Televisa, News Corp.  and Tele-Communications International is using
PAS-3 to provide initial direct-to-home television services in Latin America.

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