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TELE-satellit News, 20 November 1996

Nordic Media News
  STOCKHOLM, Sweden, 96/11/19 (RADIO SWEDEN) -- The following is a roundup
of media news from the Nordic nations from George Wood's Mediascan on Radio
Sweden. The program can be heard via shortwave, satellite and over the
Internet. For more details see http://www.sr.se/rs

  Musical Chairs

  On November 13th, several channels played musical chairs on the Nordic
satellites at 1 degree West. MTV stopped using its old transponder on
12.092 GHz (continuing on 11.679 GHz), which was taken over by Filmnet 1.
Filmnet in turn left 11.133 GHz, which was taken over by BBC Prime. 

  BBC Prime is now part of the CTV subscription package, along with CNN,
MTV, Discovery, the Children's Channel, and Eurosport Nordic. Viasat, the
distribution company owned by the Kinnevik media empire, is introducing a
new subscription package called Viasat plus, including Nickelodeon, the
Sci-Fi Channel, VH-1, and Kinnevik's own ZTV and TV6. Viasat's ordinary
package includes the company's various TV3 outlets to Denmark, Norway, and
Sweden. There's also a package for the pay film channels TV 1000 and TV
1000 Cinema. There are now 800,000 Viasat cards in circulation in
Scandinavia. Rival Filmnet has packages for its two film channels, with and
without Supersport. (Richard Karlsson, "Aftonbladet")

  Supersport Off Cable

  Supersport has been removed from the cable networks operated by Telia
Kabel, Sweden's largest operator. Filmnet and Telia were unable to agree on
the conditions for making Supersport a pay channel. The channel continues
on other Swedish cable networks, but Filmnet will begin negotiations with
them as well . (TT) Note that even though Supersport has been in the clear
on satellite, Telia has included it in its pay packages. It was not offered

  Power 106 Testing

  Kinnevik's Power 106 is now broadcasting as the D2-MAC sound channel when
there is a test pattern on Sirius 11.862 GHz (which is otherwise
Nickelodeon and ZTV). Kinnevik's Norwegian station Radio P4 Norge
broadcasts on 7.02 MHz during the test pattern on Intelsat 707 11.016 GHz
(which is otherwise TV Norge). Radio Nettvirk broadcasts continually on
7.38 MHz. Denmark's DR P3 radio uses the D2-MAC sound channel during the
test pattern on Intelsat 707 11.667 GHz (DR 2). (Richard Karlsson,

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