TS News - Hungary To Invite Commercial Broadcasters

TELE-satellit News, 27 November 1996

Hungary To Invite Commercial Broadcasters
  BUDAPEST, Hungary, 96/11/26 (OMRI) -- The National Radio and Television
Commission will publish tenders for commercial television and radio
stations in early December, Hungarian and international media reported on
26 November. Two commercial TV channels and two commercial radio stations
will start broadcasting on 1 September 1997.

  The primary owner can have up to 49% ownership and the secondary owner
25%, with a minimum of 26% remaining in Hungarian hands. Under the media
law, at least 51% of the programs must originate in Hungary and another 30%
from other parts of Europe. U.S.-led consortia headed by Ronald Lauder and
Mark Palmer, Germany's West Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung and Bertelsman
Group, as well as and France's TF1 are all expected to bid.

  By: Zsofia Szilagyi
  Source: This material was reprinted with permission of the Open Media
          Institute, a nonprofit organization with research offices in Prague,
          Czech Republic. For more information on OMRI publications, please
          to: info@omri.cz
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