TS News - Telepiu Announces Ten New Channels

TELE-satellit News, 30 November 1996

Telepiu Announces Ten New Channels
  ROME, Italy, 96/11/29 (TS) -- The only Italian pay-TV network, Telepiu
plans to increase its existing program offer (its digital package DSTV is
carried on Eutelsat Hot Bird 1) by using transponders it has leased on Hot
Bird 2. There are plans to introduce pay-per-view services, with viewers
paying for single events (sports, movies, music events).

  Around ten new foreign channels will be added to the package - among them
Bloomberg Italy, Hallmark Channel and The Weather Channel. Talks are
currently underway with the Disney company which may result in an Italian
version of the The Disney Channel. Telepiu's movie channel Tele +1 will be
able to offer a near-video-on-demand service with movies starting at
different hours.

  There will also be a change in subscription charges. Currently
subscribers to Telepiu's digital package DSTV pay around 684 DM a year.
Separately, subscribers to Telecalcio, Telepiu's service which transmits
live Italian Serie A football pay an additional 500 DM a year for all the
games of their favorite team (300 DM for away-only matches). The Telecalcio
service will be additionally boosted with Serie B games from next year as
previously announced. Five digital channels will be used to transmit live
Formula 1 races, with viewers at home being able to choose the camera
angles from which to watch the race.

  By: Branislav Pekic
(c)TELE-satellit 1996. All rights reserved.

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