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TELE-satellit News, 4 December 1996

Digital TV In Scandinavia
  STOCKHOLM, Sweden, 96/10/03 (Radio Sweden) -- On November 22nd, Astra,
Multichoice, and Nokia held a joint press conference here in Stockholm to
announce the launch of Multichoice's digital satellite package, DSTV, to
Sweden. Multichoice is a corporate partner of Filmnet, which is providing
much of the programming, including pay-per-view films. Nokia has made the
digital receivers at its factory in Motala in southern Sweden. And the
transmissions are on the Astra satellites.

  Initially DSTV includes 23 TV channels and 40 DMX radio channels.
Pay-per-view movies are also part of the offering. More channels, and
interactive services, like Internet access, are promised for the future.

  Multichoice's parent company Nethold is involved in similar digital
systems in Italy, South Africa, and the Benelux countries. Magnus Simons
blames the late start in Scandinavia to a lack of receivers.

  By: George Wood
  Source: Radio Sweden's Mediascan

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