TS News - RTL-7 Encounters Problems In Poland

TELE-satellit News, 8 January 1997

RTL-7 Encounters Problems In Poland
  WARSAW, Poland, 97/01/08 (TS) -- Polish cable TV networks are currently
being forced by the National Broadcasting Council to stop retransmitting
the new Polish language channel  RTL7. Although RTL7 itself needs no
Council's licence for broadcasting, as it is uplinked from a foreign
location, Luxembourg, it should be registered as a new channel in every
particular cable network.

  The Council has given no registration to the cable companies so far,
which means they must cease relay of RTL7. Some of them are already being
taken to court for illegal  retransmission. Thus, at present the channel
remains accessible for individual dish viewers only.

  By: Tomasz Urbaniec

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