TS News - Intelsat Signs For K-TV Satellite

TELE-satellit News, 10 January 1997

Intelsat Signs For K-TV Satellite
  WASHINGTON, DC, USA, 97/01/10 (TS) -- Intelsat has signed a $100 million
contract for the supply of the K-TV satellite with Matra Marconi Space. The
satellite will be positioned above the Asia Pacific region, at 95 degrees
East, and used for direct-to-home broadcasting.

  It carries 30 ku-band transponders and will have a total capacity of 210
television channels when digital compression in employed. The footprint
includes fixed beams over India and China and switchable beams covering
Indonesia, Malaysia and other areas in the Asia-Pacific region.

  The spacecraft will be delivered in late 1998. A decision on a launch
services provider is expected in March 1997.

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