TS News - SCT To Join Telepiu Package

TELE-satellit News, 17 January 1997

SCT To Join Telepiu Package
  ROME, Italy, 97/01/17 (TS) -- The Italian hard core adult TV channel
Satisfaction Club Television (SCT) is set to join Telepiu's digital package
DSTV. Talks are currently underway between the two companies and if
successful SCT would be the first adult channel offered to DSTV subscribers.

  SCT started broadcasting in 1994 and is owned by a married couple in
Naples - Domenico Villani and Anna D'Antuono. Interestingly, the whole
project has been financed by five friends of the couple.

  In the early days the channel was transmitted via a Russian Gorizont
satellite. Currently the channel is based in Milan although the signal is
uplinked from Paris. SCT already has around 25,000 subscribers - mostly in
Italy (7,000), France, Spain, Germany and North Africa.

  SCT transmits its programs via the Eutelsat II F2 satellite, four nights
a week (from Wednesday to Saturday). Its programming is made up of adult
movies, cartoons and other adult programming. The program consultant is the
famous Italian porn star Jessica Rizzo, who also owns a satellite channel
called Jessica Rizzo Television. The annual subscription to the service
costs around 600,000 lira (600 DEM) and the channel uses a scrambling
system with a strange name - Ping Pong!

  By: Branislav Pekic

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