TS News - Loral Wins Chinasat Contract

TELE-satellit News, 23 January 1997

Loral Wins Chinasat Contract
  PALO ALTO, California, USA, 97/01/23 (TS) -- Space Systems/Loral has said
it will soon complete a contract with China Telecommunications Broadcast
Satellite Corporation (Chinasat) that covers the construction of Chinasat
8, a high-powered communications satellite that will provide video, data
and digital voice service throughout China.

  The new satellite will be delivered to Chinasat, a division of the
Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) of the People's Republic of
China, in late 1998. Service is expected to commence in 1999.

  Chinasat 8 will be equipped with 16 Ku-band and 36 C-band channels and
have a total on-board satellite power of 11,000 watts making it the most
powerful Chinasat yet. The craft is based on the high-powered version of
Space Systems/Loral's FS-1300 standard three-axis spacecraft and will have
a mission life of 15 years.

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