TS News - New Columbia Satellites Approved

TELE-satellit News, 3 February 1997

New Columbia Satellites Approved
  WASHINGTON, DC, USA, 97/02/03 (TS) -- The Federal Communications
Commission has given permission to Columbia Communications to construct two
new satellites, Columbia announced. The satellites are destined for service
at 47 degrees West and 172 degrees East.

  "There are still some technical elements regarding frequency assignment
that must be resolved," said Laughton, "but the FCC recognizes our schedule
to have both satellites commissioned before the turn of the century." The
COLUMBIA POR spacecraft at 172 degrees East Latitude will operate in
conventional and extended C-Band, as well as Ku-Band frequencies. The
COLUMBIA AOR spacecraft at 47 degrees West Latitude will operate in
conventional and extended C-Band frequencies. There is a long pending
application before the FCC for a Ku-Band Satellite for the Atlantic Ocean

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