TS News - Four Team For British Digital TV

TELE-satellit News, 5 May 1997

Four Team For British Digital TV
  LONDON, England, 1997/05/05 (TS) -- The Financial Times reports that
British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB), British Telecom, Matsushita Electric
Industrial Co. Ltd. and the Midland Bank will announce plans Wednesday to
launch digital multichannel satellite TV in the UK. The four companies will
jointly subsidize the price of digital set-top boxes to get them into homes
and take a slice of revenues from the service.

  The joint company, to be capitalized at 700-million pounds, will be
called British Interactive Broadcasting (BIB) and carry around 200-channels
of digital programming. Receivers will be made by Matsushita, better known
by it's Panasonic brand name.
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