TS News - AP Signs For PAS-5

TELE-satellit News, 23 May 1997

AP Signs For PAS-5
  GREENWICH, Connecticut, USA, 97/05/23 (TS) -- The Associated Press has
signed for 18-megahertz of space on the soon-to-be-launched PAS-5 satellite
of PanAmSat. The news agency will use the capacity to expand its
London-based APTV news video distribution service within and between the
United States and Europe.

  "PAS-5's power and broad coverage are ideal for APTV's diverse
distribution and contribution needs.  APTV will have the ability to
transmit breaking news from the field using small, portable antennas and
also to use small antennas for direct signal reception,"  said Eddy
Frankland, PanAmSat's managing director, Europe.

  APTV will use a total of 18 Megahertz on PAS-5's C-band Americas beam,
which provides simultaneous coverage of Latin America, the United States
and Canada, as well as direct access to Europe. The capacity will be split
to create an 8 Megabits per second (Mbps) digital video channel from APTV's
London headquarters to client broadcasters throughout the Americas, and
another 8 Mbps digital video channel for contribution of material back to

  PAS-5 will be the first Hughes HS 601 HP model satellite in PanAmSat's
fleet and will contain 24 C-band and 24 Ku-band transponders.  The
satellite will provide simultaneous C-band coverage of the Americas and
Europe, allowing programmers and other customers to create a comprehensive
Pan-American and transatlantic link using one satellite.  In addition,
PAS-5 will offer connectivity to the Asia-Pacific Region via PanAmSat's
teleport in Napa, California.  PAS-5 is scheduled for launch on the Proton
rocket in July 1997.

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