TS News - Multithematiques Launches German Channels

TELE-satellit, 30 June 1997

Multithematiques Launches German Channels
  MUNICH, Germany, 97/06/30 (TS) -- MultiThematiques, Tele-Communication
International's European programming subsidiary, launched four new
television channels in Germany on June 21. They include "Planet," a
documentary channel, "Seasons," a channel devoted to hunting and fishing,
"Cine Classics 1" and "Cine Classics 2," which show old movies.

  Three additional channels are expected to be offered by year end, with
all seven channels to be managed by MultiThematiques GmbH, a wholly owned
subsidiary of MultiThematiques, S.A. located near Munich. MultiThematiques,
S.A. was founded in 1995 by CANAL+, Tele- Communications International,
Inc., and Havas Images.  It produces various thematic channels in France,
Spain, Poland and Germany, and anticipates activities in Italy and

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