TS News - RTL Hungary To Launch This Year

TELE-satellit News, 18 July 1997

RTL Hungary To Launch This Year
  LUXEMBOURG, 97/07/18 (TS) -- Luxembourg based CLT-UFA announced recently
that its Hungarian affiliate, Magyar RTL Televizio (M-RTL), will launch
later this year. The new national commercial TV network will be called RTL
Klub. It will broadcast, in the words of CLT-UFA, "a well balanced
programming including a substantial proportion of productions made by
independent local production companies. In addition, UFA-Grundy, leading
producer of drama series and game shows, will produce a daily soap opera,
the first in Hungary."

  CLT-UFA holds a 49% share in the company with state telecommunications
operator Matav holding 25%, Pearson with 20% and Raiffeisen Uniebank with 6%.

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